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  • Internet access
  • Private parking
  • Pets welcome
  • Garden
  • Quiet location
  • Kitchen
  • Air conditioner
  • Sandy Beach
  • In the town center
  • TV
  • Mosquitos Nets
  • Hair dryer

Owner's description

Sarti, which is 140km far from Thessaloniki and 120km from Stavros village, is a magnificent destination for holidays in Greece. Pines growing up to the edge of a green-blue sea, typical for Halkidiki's landscape, are mainly here, in this edge of the Sithonia peninsula, opposite to Mount Athos, which offers marvelous dawn sights. Sarti is the ideal base for an easy access to all nice beaches of the area and our hotel, with the quality of its services and its reasonable prices, is an attractive proposal for low budget holidays in one of the most beautiful Greek destinations.

Aristea studios are located 300m from the sea, 200m from supermarket and 150m from center.

Aristea Studios provide the following types of studios-apartments, so that we meet your needs and we offer you a pleasant stay:

  • Double studios (No 3, 4) with a double bed
  • Triple studios (No 2, 7, 8, 11, 12) with a double bed and a single one
  • 4-bed studios (No 6, 10) with a double bed and a bunk
  • 5-bed apartments (No 5, 9) with a double bed in the bedroom and one bunk and a single bed in the living room

Studios - apartments description:   

  • No 2 - Seabed: A triple studio on ground floor, painted with deep sea colours, rather ... overshady
  • No 3 - Starfish: A double studio on ground floor, orange color, oriented to our verdurous yard
  • No 4 - Sand: A double studio on ground floor, in earthen colors, oriented to our verdurous yard   
  • No 5 - Anemone: A 5-bed apartment on 1st floor, with additional bedroom. Daring mixtures of colors, oriented to our yard
  • No 6 - Cyclamen: A 4-bed studio on 1st floor, in lilac
  • No 7 - Coral: A triple studio on 1st floor, in coral tones
  • No 8 - Olive tree: A triple studio on 1st floor. Colors and name come from the dominant tree in Halkidiki
  • No 9 - Wine: A 5-bed apartment on 2nd floor, with additional bedroom. Sea view from its balcony, colors refer to excellent wines of Sithonia
  • No 10 - Pelagos: A 4-bed studio on 2nd floor, with a sense of the Sigitikos gulf and the Aegean sea
  • No 11 - Red: A triple studio on 2nd floor, ... just red
  • No 12 - Dawn: A triple studio on 2nd floor, with a taste of the wonderful dawns behind Athos

Services - facilities: All our studios / apartments have a fridge, a LED TV, a kitchenette fully equipped, A/C in every room, screens in all doors / windows. There is private parking place, wireless internet access and cleaning services every three days, all included in our prices. The pergola place on the terrace, with unlimited view to the sea, to the mountain and to the village, is accessible to our customers 24 hours a day.

Prices and room types

Glossary of terms

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    Jelena17.01.2017 10:20:05

    Interesuje me da li ima slobodna cetvorokrevetna soba u terminu od 26.06.2017.god do 06.07.2017.god za 2 odrasle osobe i 2 deteta u sledecim objektima u Sartiju: Fotini House, Malamatenia House,Olga Hotel, Dimitra i Aristea Studios?


    Zoran02.01.2017 01:59:56

    Veoma ljubazni domacini, cisto i uredno... Bili u apartmanu br. 8 prosle godine...


    Branislav07.09.2016 01:29:08

    Postovani, zainteresovani smo za dvokrevetni apartman u periodu od 11.09 - 20.09.2016 godine. Slobodno pošaljite alternativne apartmane na mejl. Hvala


    Nina Lalić08.08.2016 14:35:52

    Poštovani, Intersuje me da li ima slobodnih dvokrevetmih studia u periodu od 18/08 do 28/08. Hvala.


    Ljiljana Čukić01.08.2016 17:09:48

    koja je cena za trokrevetni studio br 8 od 03/08 do 10/08.Da li je jos uvek slobodan


    Ivana25.07.2016 15:36:09

    Postovani, zanima me dvokrevetni studio u periodu 08.08.-16.08. Hvala


    sonja13.07.2016 11:06:28

    Postovani, gde se nalayi Vasa vila, u kom mestu? Dali u kupatilu imate ogradjenu tuš kabinu sa paravanom? Unapred zahvalna


    Ivan25.06.2016 15:02:21

    Poštovani, interesuje me raspoloživost smeštaja tj. dvokrevetnog studija 7 noćenja negde između 17. i 29.08.Hvala.


    Vinka23.06.2016 15:45:00

    Postovani, da li u Aristea studios imate slobodna dva trokrevetna studia u periodu od 04.07.-09.07. (5 noci)?


    Magdalena17.06.2016 04:18:58

    Za tri odrasle osobe dve sobe i dvoje dece.Jedno će u avgustu imati16 meseci,a drugo manje od četiri godine.Interesuje me smeštaj od 16.8.2016. I cena.