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Thalassokipos Studios Vourvourou Sithonia 92thalassokipos_studios_vourvourou_sithonija_halkidiki.1thalassokipos_studios_vourvourou_sithonija_halkidiki.10thalassokipos_studios_vourvourou_sithonija_halkidiki.11thalassokipos_studios_vourvourou_sithonija_halkidiki.12thalassokipos_studios_vourvourou_sithonija_halkidiki.13thalassokipos_studios_vourvourou_sithonija_halkidiki.14thalassokipos_studios_vourvourou_sithonija_halkidiki.15thalassokipos_studios_vourvourou_sithonija_halkidiki.16thalassokipos_studios_vourvourou_sithonija_halkidiki.17thalassokipos_studios_vourvourou_sithonija_halkidiki.18thalassokipos_studios_vourvourou_sithonija_halkidiki.19thalassokipos_studios_vourvourou_sithonija_halkidiki.2thalassokipos_studios_vourvourou_sithonija_halkidiki.20thalassokipos_studios_vourvourou_sithonija_halkidiki.21thalassokipos_studios_vourvourou_sithonija_halkidiki.22thalassokipos_studios_vourvourou_sithonija_halkidiki.23thalassokipos_studios_vourvourou_sithonija_halkidiki.24thalassokipos_studios_vourvourou_sithonija_halkidiki.25thalassokipos_studios_vourvourou_sithonija_halkidiki.26thalassokipos_studios_vourvourou_sithonija_halkidiki.27thalassokipos_studios_vourvourou_sithonija_halkidiki.28thalassokipos_studios_vourvourou_sithonija_halkidiki.29thalassokipos_studios_vourvourou_sithonija_halkidiki.3thalassokipos_studios_vourvourou_sithonija_halkidiki.30thalassokipos_studios_vourvourou_sithonija_halkidiki.31thalassokipos_studios_vourvourou_sithonija_halkidiki.32thalassokipos_studios_vourvourou_sithonija_halkidiki.33thalassokipos_studios_vourvourou_sithonija_halkidiki.34thalassokipos_studios_vourvourou_sithonija_halkidiki.35thalassokipos_studios_vourvourou_sithonija_halkidiki.36thalassokipos_studios_vourvourou_sithonija_halkidiki.37thalassokipos_studios_vourvourou_sithonija_halkidiki.38thalassokipos_studios_vourvourou_sithonija_halkidiki.39thalassokipos_studios_vourvourou_sithonija_halkidiki.4thalassokipos_studios_vourvourou_sithonija_halkidiki.40thalassokipos_studios_vourvourou_sithonija_halkidiki.41thalassokipos_studios_vourvourou_sithonija_halkidiki.42thalassokipos_studios_vourvourou_sithonija_halkidiki.43thalassokipos_studios_vourvourou_sithonija_halkidiki.44thalassokipos_studios_vourvourou_sithonija_halkidiki.45thalassokipos_studios_vourvourou_sithonija_halkidiki.46thalassokipos_studios_vourvourou_sithonija_halkidiki.47thalassokipos_studios_vourvourou_sithonija_halkidiki.48thalassokipos_studios_vourvourou_sithonija_halkidiki.49thalassokipos_studios_vourvourou_sithonija_halkidiki.5thalassokipos_studios_vourvourou_sithonija_halkidiki.50thalassokipos_studios_vourvourou_sithonija_halkidiki.51thalassokipos_studios_vourvourou_sithonija_halkidiki.52thalassokipos_studios_vourvourou_sithonija_halkidiki.53thalassokipos_studios_vourvourou_sithonija_halkidiki.54thalassokipos_studios_vourvourou_sithonija_halkidiki.55thalassokipos_studios_vourvourou_sithonija_halkidiki.56thalassokipos_studios_vourvourou_sithonija_halkidiki.57thalassokipos_studios_vourvourou_sithonija_halkidiki.58thalassokipos_studios_vourvourou_sithonija_halkidiki.59thalassokipos_studios_vourvourou_sithonija_halkidiki.6thalassokipos_studios_vourvourou_sithonija_halkidiki.60thalassokipos_studios_vourvourou_sithonija_halkidiki.61thalassokipos_studios_vourvourou_sithonija_halkidiki.62thalassokipos_studios_vourvourou_sithonija_halkidiki.63thalassokipos_studios_vourvourou_sithonija_halkidiki.64thalassokipos_studios_vourvourou_sithonija_halkidiki.65thalassokipos_studios_vourvourou_sithonija_halkidiki.66thalassokipos_studios_vourvourou_sithonija_halkidiki.67thalassokipos_studios_vourvourou_sithonija_halkidiki.68thalassokipos_studios_vourvourou_sithonija_halkidiki.69thalassokipos_studios_vourvourou_sithonija_halkidiki.7thalassokipos_studios_vourvourou_sithonija_halkidiki.70thalassokipos_studios_vourvourou_sithonija_halkidiki.71thalassokipos_studios_vourvourou_sithonija_halkidiki.72thalassokipos_studios_vourvourou_sithonija_halkidiki.73thalassokipos_studios_vourvourou_sithonija_halkidiki.74thalassokipos_studios_vourvourou_sithonija_halkidiki.75thalassokipos_studios_vourvourou_sithonija_halkidiki.76thalassokipos_studios_vourvourou_sithonija_halkidiki.77thalassokipos_studios_vourvourou_sithonija_halkidiki.78thalassokipos_studios_vourvourou_sithonija_halkidiki.79thalassokipos_studios_vourvourou_sithonija_halkidiki.8thalassokipos_studios_vourvourou_sithonija_halkidiki.80thalassokipos_studios_vourvourou_sithonija_halkidiki.9


  • Sea View
  • Baby cot on request
  • Internet access
  • Pets welcome
  • Garden
  • Quiet location
  • Kitchen
  • Air conditioner
  • Safe available
  • Outdoor barbecue
  • Sandy Beach
  • Close to beach
  • Outside the town
  • High Quality Accommodation
  • TV
  • Hair dryer

Owner's description

The Thalassokipos Hotel is situated in a very interesting location, on a hill from which you can have a wonderful view of the sea, Vourvourou and the Athos mountain. It consists 5 two-bedded studios (20m2), three three-bedded (20m2) as well as three suites. All the units are cleaned every day, and the replacement of sheets and towels is done every three days.

Two-bedded studios are on the first floor, three-bedded on the ground floor, while four-bedded ones are situated on the ground and first floor. Four-bedded studios contain one french bed and a sofa which can be rolled into a french bed. On the first floor there is a special suite which has both a french bed and a sofa that can be pulled out into a bed. It is specially designed for nice and romantic moments during summer vacation and has a beautiful terrace with a wonderful view of the sea.

All the rooms have a wireless signal, phone line, safe, satellite television, air conditioning, a bath and a shower with a hydro massage, hair dryer, shower cosmetics, completely equipped kitchen, electric boiler, fridge, coffee machine, free parking, a fantastic view of the sea. Suite, except for everything mentioned above, also have LCD TV (32 inches), DVD player, bathrobe. Bathrooms have got a shower with a hydro massage or a Jacuzzi.

The sandy beach is only 80m away and you have the possibility to discover other beautiful beaches and coves in the surroundings because there is plenty of them.

The hotel is 110km away from Thessaloniki. The center of Nikiti is hardly 12km away. There you can find a great number of restaurants, taverns, stores, promenades, souvenir shops. Only 4km away from the Thalassokipos hotel there is a small town-port Ormos Panagias, famous for offering fresh fish in taverns. In this place you can provide yourself with fruits and vegetables, as well as foodstuff.

If you want quality accommodation, in a peaceful place, nearby the beach, ideal for a true vacation, Thalassokipos may be a great choice.

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Glossary of terms

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    Milica24.07.2014 17:08:56

    Postovani, u ovom terminu slobodan je 3 bed studio i cena je 155e za nocenje, sve je u jednom prostoru. Ako zelite dvosobni apartman slobodan je do 31/8 i cena je 245e.Ako zelite da proverimo jos nesto javite nam.Pozdrav


    Anoniman24.07.2014 16:39:06

    We are interested for 2 separate apartments, in each will 2 adults and 1 child (1,5-2,5 years old) Do you have available 25.08.14-04.09.2014? What is the price for apartment separately?


    Milica07.07.2014 15:03:03

    Postovani, ima mesta u ovom smestaju za vas u terminu od 25/07-10/08. U pitanju je 3 bed studio, u ponudi je nazalost samo nocenje bez polupansiona, nemaju takvu ponudu. Ako vam odgovara mozete popuniti upit za rezervaciju na nesem sajtu. Pozdrav


    Snezana Tatalovic07.07.2014 13:03:19

    Dobar dan postovana,interesuje me da li ima slobodnih trokrevetnih soba u periodu 25.07.-10.08. nas je 2 odrasla i 2 dece jedno je 3 god a drugo 5.interesu je me cena polupansiona i samo nocenje,hvala unapred!!pozdrav