The city beach in Sarti is exactly 3km long. Except that, the beach is very wide, in some parts dozens of meters.

The beach is sandy, and the depth is gradual, with the fact that in the new part of Sarti, the so-called Sarti Beach the sea is rather shallow and more suitable for smaller children.

In the old part of Sarti, the depth is not sudden, but there is no shallow water.

The large part of the beach is organized and has very nice bars with light music, deck chairs, parasols, canopies, internet access, showers, but there is really plenty of space for all visitors who have their own equipment.

Winds and waves - what’s the situation

The city beach would be perfect if there were no infamous waves and winds. Since there are different information on the Internet on how waves are really common and big, we will briefly write down our experience.

Since there are different information on the Internet on how waves are really common and great, we will briefly write down our experience.

We were staying in Sarti for several months in continuity, and we visit it every summer from time to time. It is true that there are waves and wind, but on average about every third day. We have to emphasize that rarely waves are that big that swimming isn’t possible, so we have never seen anything like that. Swimming is always possible and there are always swimmers who enjoy big waves, but they are certainly not recommended for children, non-swimmers or bad swimmers.

If you are planning to visit Sarti for vacation, you can count that approximately every third day you will go to some of the surrounding beaches without waves. If you like your vacation to be more or less lively, we think that due to occasional waves there is no need to dismiss Sarti as a holiday destination.

Considering that we know that there are several cases of drownings on the beach yearly, it is advisable to be careful when the waves are big. There are often ditches on the bottom of the sea made by waves, you can easily lose ground under your feet, and then the waves could pull you away from the shore. Take care of children especially, but adults should pay attention also.

To conclude, as soon as waves start to become bigger, it is better to look for a beach where there are no waves at all.

Sarti is surrounded by beautiful beaches and has plenty of facilities in the city for both children and adults both during the day and in the evening, so it is a great holiday destination. Sarti is not without reason the most popular place in Sithonia.

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