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Chrisa Villa Hotel Limenas Thassos 78hotel chrisa limenas 2 bed room 1 floor 4hotel chrisa limenas 2 bed room 1 floor 5Chrisa Villa Hotel Limenas Thassos 19hotel chrisa limenas 2plus1 bed room 1 floor 1hotel chrisa limenas 2plus1 bed room 1 floor 4hotel chrisa limenas 2plus1 bed room 1 floor 5Chrisa Villa Hotel Limenas Thassos 97hotel chrisa limenas garden 1hotel chrisa limenas garden 4hotel chrisa limenas garden 5hotel chrisa limenas garden 6hotel chrisa limenas garden 7hotel chrisa limenas playground 1hotel chrisa limenas pool 1hotel chrisa limenas pool 3hotel chrisa limenas pool 7hotel chrisa limenas 2 bed room 1 floor 2hotel chrisa limenas 2plus1 bed room 1 floor


  • Baby cot on request
  • Internet access
  • Private parking
  • Garden
  • Swimming pool
  • Restaurant onsite
  • Kitchen
  • Air conditioner
  • Safe available
  • In the town center
  • Close to beach
  • High Quality Accommodation
  • Half Board
  • TV
  • Mosquitos Nets
  • Hair dryer

Our description

Christa Hotel is located near the center of Limenas, in Dimitriadou Street, across from Conti and Lina hotels, near a larger supermarket. From the town center hotel is located about a kilometer, and from the town beach about a kilometer and a half. The closest is Vournelis beach (at about 300 meters away). Tarsanas Beach is 700m from the hotel, in the extension of Vournelis beach.

When you exit the ferry, follow direction and drive right by the sea on the main road (300 meters), then you’ll get to the part where the narrow path is leading to the right at Vournelis hotel and the eponymous beach and you follow the main road and turn left, then after about 150 meters you will reach the first major intersection (with Dimitriadou Street) and turn left there, and then after about fifty meters you will reach the hotel villa Christa, which is on the right side of the street.

The hotel has available two-bed, three-bed and four-bed rooms and apartments for 4 and 5 people. All accommodation units are air-conditioned, equipped with air conditioning and TV, safe, hair dryer, all with balconies and bathrooms. Some rooms and apartments have been renovated while others were not (see the difference in the photos). The rooms that have not been renovated are with classic wooden furniture, while the renovated rooms are with newer and more modern furniture, but all rooms are equally spacious and clean, so there is no significant difference among them. Quality of this hotel is in a very spacious courtyard, rather than in the rooms, which are more or less similar in most hotel rooms that are offered on the island.

The garden is covered with beautiful and meticulously maintained lawns, flowers, trimmed bushes and trees. The pool is medium sized, surrounded by parasols and deck chairs that are available to guests free of charge. Right next to the pool is bar, which serves for breakfast and drinks. In addition to a large space for children to play, there is a special section in the yard with toys, but also a part for barbecue (built barbecue with tables and chairs). In the garden, next to the bar, there is a large TV on which you can follow sports events.

Christa hotel has large and nicely decorated yard, so if you need accommodations to enjoy, Hotel Christa certainly can suite you well. The hotel is very close to good supermarkets, nearest beach (Vournelis) isn’t one of the most beautiful but occasionally it may serve, the city and the promenade are approximately at 700 meters, so hotel Christa can be a very good solution as a base during a summer, from which you can tour the best beaches on the island, and at nights to have opportunity to stroll the capital that offers more facilities for tourists compared to other towns on the island.

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    Uros17.04.2016 22:55:50

    Postovani, da li postoji mogucnost da nam posaljete jos neku sliku sa hranom, nigde ne mogu da nadjem neku sliku? Hvala vam.


    Maja Kremenovic24.05.2015 23:02:55

    Pozydrav, planirali smo da rezervisemo smjestaj bas u Christa Villa Hotelu, pa me zanima da li iz tog mesta postoji organizovan prevoz na neku od atraktivnijih plaza? Pozdrav i hvala unaprijed.


    robert01.05.2013 23:15:18

    nema cena za chrisa hotel


    Nikana26.04.2013 20:07:28

    postovani, ovo je ubedljivo najbolje, ali nema dorucka Mary An Apartments, Limenas: Mandani Villa, Limenas: Fotini Villa, Limenas, Limenas: Antigone Hotel, Limenas: G&T Apartments, Limenas: Pipini Villa, Limenas:


    Anonymous26.04.2013 12:43:08

    Postovana, mislim da je ipak najbolje da mi vi nesto preporucite, za sta cu Vam biti zahvalna. Znaci zanimaju me 2 apartmana za 2 odrasle osobe, dete od 5 i 10 godina i 3 odrasle osobe i dete od 1 godine, sa doruckom ili polupansion (moze bazen, ali i ne mora)u mestu Limenas