Vournelis Beach is part of the coast which is located in front of the Vournelis hotel in Limenas, right of the harbor. The original name of the beach is Agios Vasilios beach, but it is also known as Africa, because there is a beach bar with that name.

This is a long, narrow beach with gravel on the shore and rocky or sandy parts inside the water. The first few meters of the beach is rocky and then sand. There are small pebbles in some parts, sand in some places, and stones in some places. Further away from the harbor, in front of Akrokeramon villa, the beach is completely sandy. Water is shallow and with natural shade along the whole length.

Although Vournelis isn’t considered as one of the prettiest beaches on Thassos, it is usable if you are located nearby. The advantage of this beach is that is not crowded most of the time.

One part of the beach is organized, with sunbeds and umbrellas which are free with an ordered drink and there is a nice beach bar Africa (last photo in the gallery).

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