Up until a few years ago the leader in the carnival organization was Panagia. That lead is slowly but surely being overtaken by Limenaria. ʺPure Mondayʺ is the first day of the Easter fast. On that day the carnival parade passes through Limenaria. The carnival is designed in a way that there are groups of people wearing theme masks, individuals representing the most popular people from show business and politics, and there must be a master of ceremonies of the carnival, who is masked as well…The organization of the carnival is assigned to various clubs and parties, such as the women party, merchant association, foreign women clubs… 

It is also interesting and typical that, while waiting for their turn to present themselves to the bystanders, all of the participants of the carnival get very drunk. That contributes to the great atmosphere, of course, taking into account that the bystanders warm themselves up with free wine which is offered to them. The women party usually has their own stand where they offer homemade cookies and alcohol. Since the music is very loud and comes from every direction, and alcohol is being poured and consummated in unlimited quantities, we have all the ingredients for a great party.

Of course, the bystanders are telling each other, as well as guessing, about all of those participating in the carnival and who hides under which mask.
Another interesting detail is that, besides the character of the carnival being satiric, it is pretty vulgar for the taste of an average citizen of Serbia.

I think that I would need a much longer post in order to present the carnival to you from the polite point of view, but for now here’s a photo as an introduction to it.

The mascot of the carnival in Potamia is on it.