If you like the idea of this site and you are willing to contribute for the whole story to continue to develop, there are several ways to do this.

1. Since it is our intention that to anyone wishing to book accommodations on Thassos we offer as much information as posible in order to make a better choice, it would be very helpful if all of you who have vacationed on this island share with us the impressions of the house where you were staying. How do you do it?

a) Click on the Login button at the top of the page and enter your name and password. If you still do not have your username and password, click on the link Create an account and register
b) Choose an accommodation where you vacationed from the drop-down list on the right (Choose your accommodation…)
c) Under the picture galleries, click on “Reviews”, and then on the link “Add a new review”.
g) Describe your experience, tell us the advantages and disadvantages of the accommodation in which you have been, rate location, cleanliness, friendliness, etc. ranging from 1 to 10. This score will help everyone else when they decide which accommodation to choose.

2. If you were in any way inspired by Thassos, if you discovered there something you want to share with other fans of the island, or if you’ve experienced something that could be interesting for others, you can publish an article about it on this site or publish your photos. To post text you should do the following:
a) In the “Thassos and you” click “Publish your article on Thasos”
b) In the editor, you will then see the title text box, type the text, and the same can be done with pictures.
c) Click Save.
If for any reason you can’t publish your text in the manner described above, send me your text to nikana@nikana.gr and I’ll post it on your behalf.

3. I’ve already written about how I plan to make a small library which would be available to tourists during the summer. Many of you have responded and now we count more than 2,000 titles. If you are willing to help, you can give a book. Do not buy the book in order to give them to us. Let that be read books, picture books that children have outgrown, the old reading materials and the like.

Well, so much for now .

IMPORTANT: Eh, yes. Many who have brought the books have not written anything on them so I do not know from who they are. I know that they will come back to Thassos next year, but if you happen to arrive in that period when the book is “issued”, you will not be able to sign on them :-) So I ask all of you who have already donated books to write your name, the place from where you are, and what books have you donated. I will then transcribe the information on the inside cover of the book and it will remain in history :-) Write these data in the comments below this article. This will get us a list of all the books so far that we have, and it will help future donors to choose which book to give us.
Thank you all for the support and cooperation!