The quickest option to get to the sea is if you use “toll passes” to pass the toll automatically, known as TAG**.** This will save you a lot of time, especially in the season when there are big lines at toll booths. We will write some of our experiences in this article, so we hope it will be helpful to you as well.

Certainly, right from the beginning we urge you to rest and take breaks while driving.

ENP (electrical toll collection) in Serbia

For highways in Serbia, you have the quicker option of passing through toll booths or electronic toll collection, in which case you can avoid lines. To achieve this, you need to purchase an electronic toll collection device - ENP.

The price of this TAG device is 2022 dinars, and in order to pass through the toll booths with the ENP label on it, you need to have certain credits on the device. If you don’t have enough credit on your TAG device, ramp will not open, and you’ll need to recharge it on the spot. The minimum amount for refills at toll gates is RSD 2,000, while you can replenish with the less amount at the petrol station.

In addition to prepaid, there is a subsequent payment option or postpaid, but this service is only available for legal entities.

This is a list of distributors where you can buy and supplement TAG in Serbia for electronic toll collection.


Electronic toll collection in Northern Macedonia

Last year, Macedonians provided free tolls to our tourists, who travelled to Greece, and this worked by obtaining cards with a certain toll amount. Toll collection cards work similarly to tag, but unlike tags, the card is attached to the reader and the ramp is then raised. These cards, everyone they’ve retained can recharge and thereby solve the problem of crowding and waiting at toll booths.

If you haven’t saved this card, you can buy new card and thereby speed up your passage through the toll booth. In addition to the toll card, there is also a classic tag that works on the same principle as the tag on Serbian highways. For now, we have information that cards, and tags are purchased and replenished at toll booths, but that they can be refilled online at the following LINK SUPPLEMENTING ENP in Northern Macedonia

If you have any other experiences, you have been replenishing or buying a card at gas stations or elsewhere, write to us to share this information with other passengers.

The price of contactless smart cards is 100 denars, and the minimum amount for recharge when buying is 300 denars. The amount for each subsequent replenishment cannot be less than 300 denars.

The price of an electronic device for tolling TAG is 1,200 denars, and the minimum amount for replenishment is 300 denars. The amount for each subsequent replenishment cannot be less than 300 denars, so the best immediately replenishment of the amount that will be sufficient for you to leave and return.

If you go for holidays in Greece, pay 15€ of credit on a card or TAG for tolls in Northern Macedonia and you won’t have to stop anywhere and replenish later, you’ll have enough to leave and return.

More information about these services can be found on the official website of the JP Roads of the Republic of Northern Macedonia.

Passing through toll collection points through Serbia and Northern Macedonia can significantly speed up your journey to Greece.

If you travel to Greece through Bulgaria…

A good option is that highways in this state need vigneta and it’s a good way not to linger at toll booths. 
Prices of vigneats through Bulgaria are:

  • valid for weekend (Friday at 12:00 to Sunday at 23:59) – 10 BGL (€5)
  • valid for 7 days – 15 BGL (€8)
  • valid for one month – 30 BGL (15€)
  • valid for 3 months – 54 BGL (€28)
  • valid for 12 months – 97 BGL (€50)

TAG through Greece

Since 2020. EgnatiaPass is an electronic toll payment service, can be used throughout Greece and covers all highways. Through the online myEgnatiaPass, you can track the state of credit, supplement, and review previous transactions.

TAG - Electronic toll collection device in Greece, EgnatiaPass is free. There are several ways to order and get a device, and our passengers find it easiest at the Evzoni toll booth. The only drawback is that the office’s working hours is from 9 to 17 from Monday to Friday, and on this toll only then you can buy or download the device for the electoral toll on Greek roads. Park somewhere nearby and ask one of the employees of EgnatiaPass and they’ll let you know where to get the device. When you download it, you will need to replenish a minimum of €15.

If you have passed through there outside working hours, you can ask the accommodation owner to order a device for you by phone or do it yourself if you have a Greek card and TAG will arrive at your address in Greece for free. That’s what they say on their official website. The phone number is 2310 470 100, and working hours from Monday to Saturday from 08:00 to 20:00 and Sundays from 10:00 to 18:00. After the courier brings you the device and signs a specific document, you can replenish your TAG online and start using electronic toll collection. That way, for a ride in Greece, while you’re on holiday, and return home, you’ll be able to use tag, and you can use it for every next season.

If you’re going to the Ionian coast at the toll booth in Thessaloniki in the direction of Igumeni, you can also take the device and the working hours are longer than in Evzoni. Here TAG can be downloaded from Monday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., and on Sundays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

You may decide for yourself which of these ways of electronic toll collection devices in Greece is best for you, and if you still think you don’t need it and it’s complicated to download, we advise you to save time on at least Serbian and Macedonian and Bulgarian routes, so use the tag for these two countries or vigneta when it comes to Bulgaria.

You can read all the details about EgnatiaPass on this link

We wrote about the toll prices on the way to Greece in this blog post.

If you have experience with this TAG device in Greece, write to us.

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