Where is the best place to stay in Thessaloniki? What is the best location to tour Thessaloniki on foot?

Our suggestion is to choose one of the hotels or apartments between El Venizelou Street and the White Tower, to Agios Dimitrios Street if you are looking at the distance from the sea.

There are a lot of hotels and apartments in this area. Anyone who wants to avoid driving through Thessaloniki or public transportation chooses accommodation in this part, which is considered the strict center of the city.
From there, you can get everywhere on foot and with a leisurely walk, and you can leave your car in one of the numerous garages. Read more about parking in Thessaloniki and safety in our article HERE.

One of the most affordable hotels in a good location, where our guests often stay is the Rex hotel. It is an old hotel, but it is decent and clean and has slightly lower prices than others. This hotel does not have a parking lot like most hotels in Thessaloniki, but the reception staff will direct you to a nearby garage with which they cooperate.
The price of garages in Thessaloniki is from €13 for 24 hours and up.

Another hotel that is of better quality and newer, and also in a good position, is the Esperia. It has an interesting view of the archaeological site and is very close to Mpit Bazaar. This hotel has slightly higher prices.

As we mentioned, the strict center of Thessaloniki is full of hotels and apartments for rent.
What we would advise you to do is to make a reservation in advance, because due to frequent congresses, fairs and events in the city, it happens that during the weekend it is not possible to find a free room.
That’s why it’s best to book in advance.
And don’t forget, Sunday is a non-working day in Thessaloniki, so if you were planning to go shopping, skip Sunday. On Saturdays, shops are open until 5 p.m.

You can use a car or public transport only if you decide to visit Ano Poli (although if you are in good condition you can also walk there), and for shopping centers Cosmos, Ikea, Praktiker, large Jumbo, and the like, transport is mandatory.

Read HERE how public transport works in Thessaloniki and how to use it to visit cultural locations in the city, and learn more about shopping in Thessaloniki in our article: Shopping in Thessaloniki
See more about the opening hours of shops and shopping centers in Thessaloniki in this text HERE.

We do not book accommodation in Thessaloniki for our guests, but we have one recommendation for you.

It is only one apartment in a residential building, in the very center of the city, in one of the best locations, on Karolou Dill Street. It is suitable for two couples, four adults, or a family.
The apartment has been completely renovated and has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a living room, as well as an equipped kitchen. It is modernly equipped, comfortable, and has everything you need for a longer stay.
A minute’s walk from the apartment there is a large and safe garage, under the shopping center, where your car will be completely safe so you don’t need any transport to get around the city because everything is very close to this apartment.
You will enjoy every step. The price of the garage is €15 per day.

The WiFi signal in the apartment is excellent, you can work from the apartment.

By the way, Karolou Dill Street has the best cafes for an evening out, Aristotle Square is a minute’s walk away, Kapani Market, Athonas Square, the sea is only a 2-3 minute walk away, like the famous Nikis Boulevard by the sea where popular cafes and a promenade, other squares are close by, and the White Tower is 7-8 minutes away on foot.

All in all, the location of the apartment could hardly be better.

To book accommodation, it is best to contact the owner directly via Viber, in English:
Jorgos (George ), +306977500937