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Chalkidiki - 40 years ago

Chalkidiki has always been an unique escape to Thessalonians during summer vacations. Thessalonians could not afford the luxury of “running” to the islands, since the islands nearby do not exist, as there is no good ship transport in order to reach them, so the city realized its summer dreams from the sixties on two fingers of Chalkidiki. At that time, these two fingers, if were not covered with swamps, were

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A story that will restore your faith in humanity

This story can really make your day. Everything started on Facebook public group Live from Greece.

Mother of a girl, which car has broken down nearby Ikea made a post in group asking for a help of some mechanic nearby.

There were so many responses of the members that were trying to solve the problem by texting advices and it was wonderful to see so many people involved. Aleksandar Andric, an auto

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Krotiri and Salonikiou - when you need some relaxation and peace

When we stay in Sithonia and want to take a break from work, we always choose not so popular beaches.

When we stay in Nikiti, our choice is some beach between Trani Amuda and Pyrgadikia. On this move, there are almost empty beaches which are harder to reach, or some other large ones that are just less popular.

We usually go and stop where we feel the most cosier.

The only thing we

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In Nea Kallikratia for a few days

Nea Kallikratia is a small town with just 10 thousand inhabitants. From Thessaloniki is only 35km away.

The city has a beautiful and wide sandy beach, usually very crowded.

The city is always full of tourists. The promenade and the square are full of stores, pastry shops and restaurants. By the recommendation of the locals, we tried some homemade dishes in Magiria restaurant. They offer 6-7 meals, not bed at all,

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Greek Baptism Traditions

Text and photos: Katarina Mihalakopoulis

Greek baptism in the Christian Orthodox Church is an important event in the life of any family. Greek culture is full of different traditions. Each region in Greece has its own traditions that uniquely separate it from the rest of the country. Below you will find what is the same in whole Greece when the baptism is about.

For baptism, the godfather must be an Orthodox Christian

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Memory of childhood and beautiful Greece

Author of the text: Darko Antić

Ever since in 1976, me and my sister Aleksandra, my father and mother put into the newly-acquired deep yellow car (Zastava 101) along with the huge brown leather case, over-filled and barely closed orange portable fridge and told us in the dawn, that we were going to go to the sea in one foreign and beautiful country, called Greece, and in the place Stavros, and

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The Old Panteleimon Village

Text: Predrag Dimitrijevic

Photos: Predrag Dimitrijevic

Tonight we climbed 700 meters above sea level to feel the true traditional Greece in the 15th-century pastoral village, the Old Panteleimon.

This village was submerged under the peaks of the powerful Olympus and in 2003 it was declared a national heritage. Stone houses, cobbled streets, platan protected by law, stone church dedicated to Saint Panteleimon, and many shops and taverns that surround it give this village