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A Love Hour on Aristotle Square

During the Great Fire in Thessaloniki in 1917, the largest part of the center of Thessaloniki was burnt. Prior to the fire, the city had more oriental elements in architectural terms (there are still some of them in the old city - Ano Poli) than any other city in Europe. During the Ottoman Empire, the city developed without a plan and had narrow streets.

Then the Prime Minister of Greece Elefterios

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Pythagorean cup

Pythagoras was a famous ancient philosopher and mathematician. He was from the island of Samos. We all know about Pythagoras’ theorem, and have you heard about Pythagorean cup?

“The Pythagorean cup is a special cup with a bulge on its bottom, which is also called a “cup of moderation”. The glass allows the wine to be drunk in moderate quantities, and Pythagoras invented it for his students. If the cup

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Mesta, a medieval castle-village on Chios

The island of Hios has been mentioned several times and it is truly unique in Greece and the world. Among other things, there is a medieval village on the island, called Mesta. It was built by the Venetians, and numerous narrow, blind alleyways like mazes used to serve to mislead and confuse pirates. In these streets there are the houses of the inhabitants, which are also connected to each other.

the best greek beer

Best Greek beer

Everybody knows about the famous Mythos, and lately there is increasingly popular Fix beer.

Vergina can be also found in supermarkets.

It’s little known that Kaiser is Greek beer. It has been made by Mythos since 1976, by the German standards, but from Greek products.

However, these brands are not the best beer that Greece offers.

As a rule, the best beer is always from local breweries with less production.

The beer named Nissos, produced

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Swimming marathon

A swimming marathon, organized every year between Kassandra and Sithonia is the most famous annual event in Chalkidiki and probably the biggest sport event in these parts of Greece. This marathon is one of the hardest and most demanding in Greece, but also the most impressive. This is an event with a long tradition, so this year will be 48th marathon in a row. This year (2018), the competition will

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Peaches of Veria

Every year in March, thousands of flowering peach trees around Veria resemble a pink sea.

These scenes are springtime news in Greece, and hiking and biking tours are organized in this region.

Villages around Veria have their own small tourist season in March.

Veria is located about 70km from Thessaloniki, on the road to Kozani, whih is 55km away. If you travel to the Ionian coast over Bitola and the Greek border crossing

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One new toll booth was planned to be set in Egnatia Odos, nearby Asprovalta.

In April started the construction of one more on the way Thessaloniki - Seres - Promahonas, so the travellers from Bulgaria to Greece will have some extra costs in the future.

The third toll road will be set on the road Thessaloniki Oreokastro, and will wait all tourists who take a detour around Thessaloniki to the Chalkidiki and

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Train to Thessaloniki and Greece

Train from Belgrade to Thessaloniki is active again during the summer period, after few years of occasional breaks. This train to Thessaloniki runs to Gevgelia only, from where transport to Thessaloniki is organized by bus.

The train runs every day in period from June 13th until September 20, and departure from Belgrade station Topcider is at 18:25, arrives in Thessaloniki at 9.33 next morning. From Thessaloniki to Belgrade departure