Ammouliani is a very small island, spread over only a few square kilometers, but full of beautiful beaches.

The sea on this island is unrealistically clean and transparent, and all the beaches are close to each other and close to the village, so it takes very little time and effort to visit them.

The most popular Alikes Beach

The most beautiful and most famous beach on the island is Alikes, about 2,5km from the ferry dock, with a large parking space in the back, several bars and camping. The most famous bar is Savana, located at the end of the beach and in the original setting because it’s partly in the rock. The sea is crystal clear and transparent, the sand is fine on the coast and in the water, it has shallow water for children and a dock for jumping. There’s ample space for visitors with their own equipment, and a restaurant Metohi that belongs to the campsite.

Driving from the settlement along the coast, you will come across several wild bays, larger and smaller, mostly with beautiful and clear sea. These beaches are a haven for those who avoid the crowd, especially in July and August when the popular beaches on Ammouliani are really crowded.

Agios Georgios Beach

The first organized beach you will come across is Agios Georgios, about 3,5km from the ferry dock. This beach is quite long and, in our opinion, the most beautiful part belongs to the cafe Agios Georgios (at the beginning of the beach as seen from Ammouliani). This part has a natural shade, the longest shoal, and the road is not quite along the beach. To the left and right from this cafe, there are places for visitors with their own equipment. If you plan to dine, you can settle down on deck chairs in front of the Sarandis tavern, happily recommended by the by locals. On the opposite part of this beach, there’s a very interesting restaurant-bar called Gripos.

Megali Ammos beach

If you continue to drive for about 400-500m after Agios Georgios beach, you will come across Megali Ammos beach. This is also a beautiful beach and it’s 4km from the dock. The beach is sandy, with gradual depth and crystal clear sea. The left side of the beach, facing the sea, belongs to cafe Island, located in the thick shade. The cafe has loungers and cosy canopies and a shower on the beach, and to the left of the cafe, there’s a free section for visitors with their own equipment. In our opinion, that part of the beach is the most beautiful. To the right of the cafe, there’s plenty of free space and water sports as well. Parking on this beach is mostly in the shade. On the right side of the beach, there’s a restaurant by the sea, but also one on a hill with a fantastic sea view.


The fourth beach we would recommend is Karagatsia, 3km from the ferry dock. It’s arranged and interesting because it’s surrounded by high rocks. The sand is a golden yellow, so the colour of the sea is different from Alikes (where it’s much brighter). There’s a cafeteria on the beach, where you can order drinks and some food, with deck chairs free of charge with the purchase, and it’s not allowed to bring your own food and drinks. However, there is free space on the left side of the beach to set up your gear and bring your own food and drink if you so desire. The depth is gradual, the sea is clear, and parking behind the beach is mostly in the shade.

There are several other bays on the island that are more difficult to reach by land, and easier by boat, so if you have an adventurous spirit, you can visit them.

You will find several small beaches and the beautiful sea on Drenia islands, belonging to and located between Ammouliani and Ouranopolis. You can get there as a part of organized excursions from Ammouliani (11e per person), taxi boats from Ouranopolis (5e return ticket), and you can also rent a canoe or boat that does not require a license (50-60e per day). In Drenia islands you can enjoy the Blue Lagoon and the clear, turquoise sea, as well as two bars, one tavern and water sports.

You can see clips from these beaches on our Youtube channel:
Agios Georgios
Megali Ammos