Livadi Beach is located in the bay in front of the Monastery of St. Michael the Archangel, on the eastern side of the island , 2km before Alyki viewed from the Potos.

You can reach the beach via bumpy dirt road from highway, which is several hundred meters long. Shore is covered with fine sand, and the first few meters of the water are the rocks through which they made sandy paths. The water is very clear, of turquoise color.

The beach is surrounded by olive groves, so that you can park your car in the shade. Right part of the beach is free, and in this section you can set up your towel and umbrella.

In the central part of the beach there are sunbeds and umbrellas which can be used freely if you order a drink or coffee.

On the beach there is a canteen where you can order a drink, sandwich, hot dog or a salad.

The beach has shower and changing cabins.

The left side of the beach as seen from the shore, there are nice, small caves and coves and unusual rocks which are ideal for fishing or jumping.

If you are a good swimmer, you can swim to the Arsanas beach which is divided from Livadi by a rock.

I recommend you that plan your swimming on Livadi in the morning because close to the beach rises high hills, so the sun goes down very early and shortly thereafter may become cold.

If you love the beach with a shallow area where you can entertain ball or rackets, beach with clean water, away from the traffic and the road, surrounded by olive trees and greenery, then make space for Livadi beach on your "must see" list.