Tripotamos beach is 1 km long. It is about 14 km on the way from Nikiti to Neos Marmaras and is located immediately after LAGOMANDRA ,actually right between LAGOMANDRA and camping Castello. It is a sandy beach which consists of two parts.

The beach has excellent access from the highway, but since it is near the well-known Lagomandra, Tripotamos is not so well visited. Even without the finest sand, but somewhat larger, and the water not as turquoise as at LAGOMANDRA, Tripotamos beach is quite decent for a recommendation. It is ideal for those who are not fans of commercial and highly visited beaches, but want peace. Tripotamos word means “three rivers”, so you’ll see riverbeds on the edges that during the summer don’t flow into the sea because they usually dry up. In the back of the beach are mostly private villas, so on the beach there are no organized facilities for tourists. If you plan to stay is necessary to bring water and food with you.Lagomandra is within walking distance, so you can find things to buy here, and the camp Castello, which is actually part of the beach Tripotamos offers a mini-market and restaurant. On the Tripotamos beach you can enjoy beautiful sunsets, and the part of the beach closer to Nikiti has a natural shade.

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