The food and gastronomy of Holy Mountain are widely known and the monks of Holy Mountain are among the healthiest people on the planet.

Holy Mountain products can be purchased either online or at Daphne, the port Holy Mountain. One of the online shopping sites is as follows:

Many monasteries cultivate the land and produce a variety of high quality agricultural products. The products you can buy (especially in Ouranopolis) are olives and olive oil, honey, liqueur, ratluk, balsamic, spices and teas.

In addition to the monastery products, you can also buy local products from locals at the market or at smaller, family-run stores.

One of the most popular restaurants on Athos is the Athos Restaurant in Ouranopolis and is known for its fish and seafood specialties.

If you want to try fresh and beautifully prepared fish, then Ierissos is the right choice for that. It is also known for restaurants that have slightly lower fish prices than restaurants in Ouranopolis, for example, and is thought to be better, so travelers visiting Holy Mountain usually come to Ierissos for a meal.

The best seafood restaurant in Ierissos is Murajo (Mouragio). At this restaurant you can try baked or cooked fish as well as seafood specialties. The Murajo Restaurant is a recommendation from locals.

If you want to enjoy the view of the sea with excellent fish, then visit the Kolaci Tavern. This restaurant has been operating continuously since 1948 and is still popular with the locals. In addition to fish, these restaurants also have excellent salads, homemade mezze as well as homemade cipuro and wine. Prices are slightly higher than in Murajo. There is the Athos Restaurant by the sea which is also good and you can enjoy some meat specialties.

In Ierissos you can buy gyros in several places, but the best gyros in the resort and maybe the surrounding area is Matakos. It is located near the coast. Restaurant owners make gyros themselves, which is a rarity indeed. Apart from gyros and souvlaki it is really excellent so do not miss to try both in Matakos.

Ierissos is known for producing quality feta cheese, cheese and other dairy products. About 500m beyond Ierissos is the Petroto Dairy, which traditionally produces the feta cheese of the same name, which is considered one of the best in northern Greece. Cheese is obtained from a mixture of sheep’s and cow’s milk. Petroto cheese has won gold medals for quality and taste in Italy and France.

The most famous bakery in Ierissos is Michalis. The owners are brothers Christos and Stelios who have studied in Serbia, speak Serbian fluently and adore Serbia and Serbian people. The bread in this bakery is produced in the traditional way and it is not uncommon for someone from Thessaloniki to go to Ierissos to buy real homemade, traditional bread, white, yellow and black without yeast, as well as traditional eliopsomo (olive and oregano pie-bread) and tiropsomo (homemade cheese pie-bread).

The most famous pizzeria is Romina. It has been around since 1981 and has great pizzas.

The Aristotelia Gi store has a large selection of local products.

Honey, olives and olive oil from this region are of the highest quality, and you can find them as well as teas and spices at local shops as well as at the market in downtown Ierissos on Tuesdays.

In the Ierissos area, you can collect oregano in the meadows during the summer, and you can also buy it in the store.

Many families sell high quality honey and olive oil so you can try on site before buying, and you can buy fresh fish from fishermen early in the morning at the port of Ierissos.