Mitikas is located about 5km from Preveza on the way to Parga and Igumenitsa. It is named after the cape of the same name located on the coast. The name in Greek means nose. It is a small place by the sea, with some nice restaurants, shops and hotels/accommodation for tourists.

From the village of Mitikas starts one of the longest beaches in Greece, about 16km length. The part of the beach closer to Mitikas is called Monolithi and is characterized by a sandy-pebbly shoreline with dense forest in its background. Besides Monolithi Beach there are Kanali and Kastrosikia beaches, while this huge beach ends at Pidima Kiras.

Monolithi Beach is very peaceful, with just a few bars and a huge free area for tourists that bring their own beach equipment with them. The entrance to the sea is gradual and the water is crystal clear. It is often visited by families with young children because of the natural shade provided by the forest. It is ideal for tourists who want spend their day away from the crowded and popular beaches.

Mitikas is a small and very peaceful place, it is not flooded with tourists even during August, and one of the more positive things is the vicinity of Preveza. During your stay in Mitikas, you can visit the archaeological site of Nikopolis, the Zalongo Monument, Preveza (all within a 5-10 minute drive), and somewhat further away are Lefkada Island (40km), Aheron River and Necromanteio (both at about 40km distance).

You can find accommodation in Mitikas on the page: Mitikas Accommodation