Kanali is a small town 10km away from Preveza. Located on one of the longest beach in Greece (about 13km), in the middle of the Gulf, represents the only developed city at the coast, below the national highway. The old town is above the road and it is not a touristic developed.

Kanali is in a large touristic development, hurriedly building hotels and villas for renting because the town has a strong touristic potential which is still not fully used. Prices in the Kanali are quite favorable in compared to the prices in Parga and Syvota.

At this moment Kanali represents a quiet place for your holidays, without a lot of tourist attractions in the city, but with the ability to easily visit the sights and beaches and more tourist spots around. Kanali consists of a street that goes along the beach and a few rows of houses and a hotel above the street. In the town there is everything you need for a decent holiday, shop, medical clinic, park, church.

Kanali is ideal for those who want a peaceful holiday and which, apart from the beach and a couple of restaurants, is nothing else necessary in the city. Of course, when you take more actions and you want more crowd, evening walks, shops and other facilities, Preveza is only ten kilometers away and it is the perfect city for evening walks, supplies and entertainment. It is much nicer city than you expect. It consists of a large promenade along the sea and the port, where are hundreds of anchored sailboats, yachts and boats. Along the coast there are many restaurants and cafes, but there is a beautiful old town that starts just on the coast and extends to the interior. In the old town there are a number of narrow, cobbled streets, full of shops, boutiques, restaurants, traditional taverns...from the harbor you can go on short cruises on which is 100% guaranteed that you will see dolphins. Cruises are famous within the Amvrakikos gulf where Preveza is located and where you can really enjoy.

In the vicinity of the Kanali, at 7km, there are the remains of the ancient town Nikopolis which once had 30 thousand inhabitants and was built to commemorate the great Octavian's victory over the combined forces of Mark Antony and Cleopatra. In Preveza you can visit the Museum of Nikopolis.

Parga is 45km away, and it's the pearl of the Ionian coast, that you can visit relatively easy.
The capital of Lefkada, Lefkas, you can visit by your own transport because it is far away just 38km, and if you want you can pay from Preveza organized cruise to the most beautiful beaches on Lefkada.

If you are in good shape for walking Zalongo is the monument that you must see on the mountain with a fantastic view of the sea from Lefkada to Parga. This monument has an impressive historical and sad story. Monument is far from Kanali less than 15km.
The famous Acheron river is about 40km far away from Preveza and visiting this river individually or as part of organized tours you will remember as one of the most beautiful days spent on holiday. The best option is to rent a kayak, because the river is gentle and will enjoy in the nature even with small children. Floating the river you will see beavers, otters, water turtles, herons...

Supermarket chain Lidl is located in Preveza, ten kilometers away from Kanali.