Nea Kallikratia is a town of about 10000 settlers, and it belonges to the region Halkidiki. The place is actually one of the nearest resorts to Thessaoloniki and Serbia and it is located at the very beginning of Halkidiki, that is, Kasandra. It is 35 km away from Thessaloniki, and a little less distant from Kasandra and Sitonia thus the location is pretty good.

Nea Kalliktratia is even lively during the winter, and during the summer a number of settlers doubles due to a great number of Thessaloniki settlers who own private houses. 

There are enough contents for a complete and eventful summer holiday. It has a wide and long beach with the very fine sand, a gradual depth, and a shoal for children. The beach is arranged, with baths and cabins for changing, and deck-chairs and parasols are given for free in most cafes,  with and ordered drink and coffee. There are available parts on the beach for putting your own parasols and towels.

Along the beach is a promenade with bars, restaurants, cafes and very beautiful gardens. 

There are a few supermarkets in the town, and among them are Arvanitidis and Masoutis, and 2km away from the town center is Lidl so Kalikratia offers great supplying possibiites, and at your disposal you have also banks, meat shops, bakery shops, post offices, fast-food restaurants...

At the square beside the sea there is a park for children, in the shade of pines. 

Every thursday the market is open where you can buy fresh and quality fruit and vegetables for lower prices, but also some clothes. A few benches with fruir and vegetables work every day.

There is a nice, small marine in the town.

Except the fact that the town has a nice, sandy beach and that it is a very lively place, its another adventage is its location. It is only half-an-hour drive away from Thessaloniki which is ideal for shopping and nice walks, sightseeing and visiting cultural and historical landmarks, shopping centers like Cosomos, Mega Outlet, and also Ikee, and the aqua park Waterland. If you want to, you can reach Kassandra and Sithonia from Kallikratia.

In the surroundings of Nea Kallikratia there is a great number of beaches which own the blue flags so you can enjoy exploring a little bit as well. Only 2km away from the center is the famous Shape bar with a mini aqua park.

If you are looking for a good place for peaceful and relaxing summer vacation, nearby Serbia, Thessaloniki and other attractive places, Nea Kallikratia may be a great choice for you.