Rachoni is an old village, most of which belongs to the Mount Atos. It is 4km from the shore.
According to the legend, the people settled by the river where a blind woman bathed. A Bulgarian woman, who was able to see after water had accidentally got in her eyes. That is why a church was built by the river, dedicated to Our Lady. It was built in 19th century, on a place with great view, in the shadow of plane-trees, by the valley with crystal clear water. The church celebrates the day of Our Lady on 15th of August. On that day, after the liturgy, starts the celebration which includes a traditional meal called "klubani", which is a meal of the church in a way, and is prepared with rice and veal. If you are on Thasos on 15th of August, do not miss this celebration.

The village of Rahoni is best known for its products made of olives, olive oil, as well as honey and nuts. It is said that the olive trees in Rachoni are, along with those in Prinos, among the eldest ones on the island and that many of the trees are well over 900 years old.
The village kept its originality along with its age, and maybe the reason why tourists don’t visit in such great numbers is the lack of new, commercial themes.

Village St. George is located near the village Rachoni. It is dominated by the old buildings, and the population is mostly engaged in beekeeping, livestock and olive. It is widely famous because here, in one Greek family, grew up Muhammad Ali of Egypt, the founder of the dynasty which ruled Egypt from 19th to the beginning of the 20th century.