Kassandra is the peninsula on Halkidiki and so-called first finger. The first place on Kassandra is about 60km from Thessaloniki.

Kassandra is more tourist-oriented compared to Sithonia and Athos, and therefore more urban, which can be an advantage and a disadvantage.

There are about 10000 permanent inhabitants in Kassandra, while for four months of the summer season over 100000 tourists visit it.

Unlike Sithonia and Athos, there are no high peaks on Kassandra, so the altitude of the highest hills is about 350m. Kassandra still has a lot of forests, but considerably less than before, due to construction, due to the large fire in which were ruined areas under pine forests.

For many years now in Kassandra, the most popular places for holidays are Pefkohori, Kallithea, Hanioti and Polichrono. In recent years, however, many small tourist destinations on the west coast have attracted an increasing number of tourists, primarily Siviri, but also Skala Fourka, Possidi and Nea Skioni, and in the west Kriopigi, Paliouri and Nea Potidea.

Depending on which place you choose for your base during your vacation in Kassandra, it will affect the quality of your vacation as well. If you like popular and very visited places with very visited beaches and crowds on the promenades, many shops, restaurants, cafes, you should definitely choose Pefkohori, Hanioti, Polichrono and Kallithea. All of these places have beautiful beaches, especially Kallithea, where the beaches are considered the most beautiful on the entire Halkidiki. The disadvantage of these beaches is that they are mostly narrow and overcrowded with umbrellas, towels and generally visitors, but at the same time these places offer content both for adults as well as for children and young people.

If you like quiet holidays, then we recommend one of the places on the west coast, Siviri, Furka, Nea Skioni, Possidi, as well as Loutra and Mola Kalyva. The places on the very beginning of Kassandra, Nea Potidea and Nea Fokea are also interesting. The sea is somehow more restless on the west coast than on the east.

Afytos is a very specific and authentic place in Kassandra. It is located on the shoreline of the coast from which there is a fantastic view of the Aegean. If you visit Kassandra, take one afternoon and evening to visit this place.

The sea in Kassandra is very clean, and in the hinterland of some beaches, there is a natural shade and pine trees. The most beautiful beaches are Aigeopelagitika beach near Possidi, Xenia beach and the whole move from Pefkohori to Paliouri with fantastic beach bars, beaches in Kallithea and a from Kallithea to Kriopigi, Sani beach at the famous Sani Resort, as well as Possidi Cape.

The capital of Kassandra is Kasandreia. It has a total of 3500 inhabitants and it’s located on the mainland. You can visit this place on Tuesdays and its open market for more affordable shopping, and also take a walk through a place that’s not only touristic but lives throughout the year.

Lovers of history and archaeology can visit Justinian’s wall, built in 540 BC, which has repeatedly protected Kassandra from the Byzantine era and the remains of the temple of Amon Zevs. Every place has a beautiful church, and it’s interesting to see an artificial canal near Nea Potidea, which connects Termaikos and Toroneon bay. Sani Resort is one of the largest luxury resorts in Greece, and one day spent in this complex and on the beach can be a part of an unforgettable holiday in Kassandra.

In the small town of Loutra, you can enjoy swimming in the thermal water by the sea.

If this is your first time visiting Kassandra, here you can see the beaches we recommend and what you should not miss visiting.

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