Nea Potidea is only 65km away from Thessaloniki and is the first place you come across when you arrive to Kassandra peninsula from Thessaloniki. It’s connected with Nea Moudania (located before Nea Potidea) with a long beach that spreads for kilometers on both sides of the peninsula. On the west side, there are lined up luxury hotels with private beaches one after another, while on the eastern side of the long beach there are 5-6 large bars with parasols and deck chairs.

At the entrance to Nea Potidea, there’s a canal that connects Thermaikos gulf with Toroneon. This canal exists so ships can sail from side to side, without bypassing the whole peninsula. The canal continues to be navigable, but it was not foreseen for large vessels. It does not affect pollution, because it is not used a lot. Also, the area near the canal has plenty of stones, so that part of the beach is certainly not used. The water in the canal, by the way, is very clean and transparent.

Old Potidea is leaning against canal in the part above the highway, while below the highway there is a long sandy beach, with villas and apartments for rent. Only the part below the highway is touristic.

Old Potidea is densely populated with local population and you can walk to it. There’s a bit more bakeries, pharmacies and stores for a total of about 1000 permanent residents. The old part of the city comes out to the west, while new touristic part comes out to the east coast of the peninsula.

Nea Potidea is one of the smaller resorts, recommended for families with small children and couples who need peace and relaxation. There’s no nightlife there.

The city has two promenades with shops, bars, taverns and playrooms for children. All playrooms are within bars, but one that is outdoor. Also there’s amusement park and two not-so-maintained little parks with swings for children, so that children in the Nea Potidea will not be bored.

The beach is very long and wide, sandy on the shore and in the water, with gradual depth and shoal. Given the fact that the beach is very long, there are parts of the beach with shorter shoal and the depth is reached faster. There places with stones in the water on the outskirts the beach, but they are easily be avoided because 90% of the beach is sandy. Part of the beach located in front of the channels (toward Thessaloniki) has longer shoal compared to the one in the central part of Nea Potidea, where the most of tourists are located, though the beach in the central part also has shoal and gradual depth.

There are plenty of bars that offer chairs and umbrellas with purchased drink, but most of the beach is available to visitors with their own equipment. The beach is large, and almost never crowded. It extends for kilometers behind the channel toward Thessaloniki.

The beach is the most visited over the weekend and in August when Thessalonians come to rest because many of them have houses and cottages in Nea Potidea. The beach is equipped with showers and nets for beach volleyball. The water is clear and clean, but in the deeper parts grass can be found. It happens off-season (second half of September and first half of June) that the sea brings the grass out to the shore, but bar owners regularly collect it and dispose of. The beach is regularly maintained.

In Nea Potidea you will find three well-stocked supermarkets, but for larger purchases, you should go to Nea Moudania (6km) with Lidl along the highway and well-equipped market Masoutis inside the city. In Nea Moudania you will find many other attractions, so you can visit it for an evening walk, fun or shopping.

Within markets in Nea Potidea, there are also bakery products, so you can buy bread and pastries for breakfast. For a wider selection, you can go to the old town and choose between several bakeries, among others, bakery Lemonis.

Gyros can be purchased at only one place, at a kiosk located at the beginning of the beach near the canal.

Fish markets are in the old part of Potidea, while in the new part you can by fresh fish from the vans that are passing through every day. Prices are the same as in fish markets.

Nea Potidea can be an excellent base for visiting Kassandra, Thessaloniki and Sithonia. Center of Thessaloniki is about 65km away, aqua park Waterland, Cosmos, Mega Outlet and Ikea about 55km, Nikiti on Sithonia is about 43km, and therefore some of the most beautiful beach in Halkidiki Kalogria (50km), Agios Ioannis (47km), Koviou (48km), Trani Ammouda (50km), Lagonisi (51km) i Lagomandra (56km). For a tour of Kassandra, Nea Potidea is also a good starting position because of her beautiful places available and on the east and on the west coast. Sani with an excellent beach is just 17km away. Here you can visit the famous Sani Resort, one of the largest hotel complexes in Greece with its own marina. Afytos is very interesting place on Kassandra worth visiting and it’s only 15km away, and finally Kallithea with its fabulous beach is about 17km away from Nea Potidea.

If you want, you can also visit Polichrono (29km), Hanioti (35km) and Pefkohori (38 km). On the western side, except Sani, you can also visit Siviri (27km) known for its excellent beach and less interesting place Skala Fourka (34km).

All these places on Kassandra you can visit by bus. The bus station is on the highway. Buses run-up to the second finger, except that in Nea Moudania you change bus and from there choose where do you want to go - eastern or western side of Sithonia. Buses from Nea Potidea to Moudania go every two hours, and ticket costs 1,8e per person.

Taxi service exists in Nea Moudania, but not the taxi station, so if you need a cab, ask the villa owner to call one. Taxi to Nea Moudania and Lidl costs 10e (not per person).

A little outside of Nea Potidea, in the driveway actually (1km before town), there is a large number of luxury hotels that you can visit. All are located on the right side of the highway, as seen from the direction of Thessaloniki. The best among them is Pomegranate, a five-star hotel. You can enter for free, take a walk, use the beach, swimming pools, landscaped playground, free parking as well as ATM. We encourage you to visit this hotel for about 21:30 and see the performance with light effects on the fountain, which lasts for about twenty minutes and is particularly interesting for children. Hotel Portes also has a very nice yard, you can take a walkthrough, as well as the restaurant, pool and a nice beach. Entry is also free.

Nea Potidea is a quite decent place with all the facilities necessary for a nice family vacation. It’s unusual because it comes out on both sides of the peninsula, but the biggest advantage is long and wide sandy beach, that is never crowded. There is very little traffic, so there is no fear for children and to cross the street toward the beach.

Swimming is generally safe, buoys are far and without motorboats near the coast.

Beach in Nea Potidea doesn’t stand out in any way, and the sea in this part of Kassandra doesn’t leave you breathless, like for the example in Kallithea or Kalogria. However, it’s good for swimming and enjoyment in vacation in the true sense of the word. The town is small and easy to reach from one end to the other, but there’s enough content for a little rest and ten days of relaxation. It’s not for demanding tourists and those who are accustomed to the turquoise sea on islands, but for people enjoying a vacation in a peaceful place by the calm sea, without nightlife and clubs and close to Serbia. It’s also a good choice for those looking for affordable accommodation that Nea Potidea certainly provides, with the possibility to visit Sithonia and Kassandra, as well as Thessaloniki which is very close.

Nea Potidea is a good choice if you want to get away from the noise, hustle and rush, and to have had a holiday with enough sleep and relaxation.

Visit the following link for the complete list of accommodations in Nea Potidea.