Alyki is a picturesque peninsula on the southeastern coast of Thassos. It is characterized by two beautiful bays, linked by a cape where marble was excavated during the Roman and Byzantine empires.

Alyki history goes back to the 7th century BC, during the Roman Empire when there was where a large quarry used for excavation of marble. This marble from Alyki is known worldwide for its quality and beautiful, sparkling white color.

On a large archaeological site can be seen the remains of buildings still from pre-Christian times. There are temples of the ancient gods, the patron saint of sailors and the sea, and on the ruins of the ancient pre-Christian temples were later built Christian churches whose remains can now be seen.

In such authentic and historically significant areas lie two beautiful beaches with crystal clear water tucked into the countryside.
Better known Alyki beach, near the highway is less sandy beach with rocks on the sides, known for turquoise water. The depth is gradual, and the bottom is covered with the smallest sand. Along the beach are sorted small fish taverns and cafes with authentic marine atmosphere. Sunbeds are made with free drinks ordered.

The second beach is right next to the archaeological site, which gives it a special charm. It is partly sandy and partly rocky with many fewer visitors than the popular Alyki bay.

At Alyki there are several wild bays that are a paradise for divers.

Along the road there are extensions for parking, and in the back of the beach there are plenty of parking spaces, but still it is sometimes very difficult to find a parking place.

Alyki features rarely beautiful nature.

On the south side of the cape is a small, easily accessible, Christian chapel, with a small path leading to it. Along the cape there is a path that connects the bay water through the important historical sites and offers stunning views of the sea.

Besides the restaurants on the beach, there are great restaurants over the road, such as restaurant Archontis, from whose garden you can get spectacular view over the whole peninsula.