Driving along the coast from Kavala after five minutes of easy drive (10km), we came to Palio, a small village with a beautiful sandy beach where residents of Kavala prefer to go to the beach. It is a west suburb of Kavala, from joke people called it Saint Tropez of Kavala.

This is a very small village with a beautiful, quite wide sandy beach. On the beach and around it are fewer accommodations than can be expected. There are generally luxurious and beautiful private homes with impressive yards close to the sea. On the coast, there are several restaurants, bars and clubs, toys for children on the sand, etc...
What impresses is a fine sand, crystal clear water and long shallows.

Palio has for years been a place reserved for the rich Greeks who spend weekends in their luxury villas outside Kavala or renting them for a few thousand euros per month during the season. Luxury apartments can still be rented on a monthly basis and the price depends on the location and view. In recent years, this little place is rapidly developing in tourism and already has apartments and studios in a medium range of prices.

Beach in the Palio is quite wide with very fine sand and gradual depth. In some parts, the shallow is very long which is great for smaller children. The water is crystal clear with a beautiful turquoise color.

The place does not have many facilities, except for beaches with bars and lounges, a couple of tavernas and shops and a real vacation, it does not offer anything else, so Palio should be combined with visits to Kavala if you want a little more lively nightlife, great promenade, shopping, cultural and historical monuments.

If you want to change the beach, Palio is on a great location because two minutes drive from there, towards Kavala, you can find complex Batis with an excellent beach and entertainment for adults and children, and Iraklitsa is just 3-4 minutes drive away and it is a classic tourist destination so you can easily switch calm days and nights in the Palio with a little noisier places like Iraklitsa or much larger Kavala.

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