Kavala - comprehensive tourist guide

    kavala greece 54
    Updated October 23, 2023.


    Kavala is the capital of the prefecture of Kavala and the second-largest city in northern Greece (after Thessaloniki).Founded in the 6th century BC and then was named Neapolis, which means...

    Palio - Kavalas St. Tropez 4
    Updated February 06, 2024.

    Palio - Kavalas St. Tropez

    Driving along the coast from Kavala after five minutes of easy drive (10km), we came to **Palio, a small village with a beautiful sandy beach where residents of Kavala prefer...

    Keramoti 1
    Updated December 21, 2023.


    Keramoti is a small town, known as the port from which ferries depart to Thassos. But this place offers something more than just a port. To our pleasant surprise, it...

    nea Iraklitsa 1
    Updated October 09, 2023.

    Nea Iraklitsa

    Nea Iraklitsa is a small town that belongs to the municipality of Pangea and Kavala prefecture and is located in the western part of the bay, just 13km before Kavala....

    Nea Peramos 2
    Updated May 19, 2023.

    Nea Peramos

    Nea Peramos is a small town of 2500 inhabitants, located 18km before Kavala looking from Thessaloniki direction. **From here you can catch a great view of Thassos island and Mount...