Kavala - comprehensive tourist guide

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    Updated January 25, 2023.


    Kavala is the capital of the prefecture of Kavala and the second-largest city in northern Greece (after Thessaloniki).Founded in the 6th century BC and then was named Neapolis, which means a new city. It is located right across from the town of Limenas in Thassos island and was first established...

    Nea Peramos 2
    Updated November 17, 2022.

    Nea Peramos

    Nea Peramos is a small town of 2500 inhabitants, located 18km before Kavala looking from Thessaloniki direction. From here you can catch a great view of Thassos island and Mount Athos, so it is a great starting point for visiting interesting places and beaches in the area. Residents of Nea Peramos...

    Palio - Kavalas St. Tropez 4
    Updated November 16, 2022.

    Palio - Kavalas St. Tropez

    Driving along the coast from Kavala after five minutes of easy drive (10km), we came to Palio, a small village with a beautiful sandy beach where residents of Kavala prefer to go to the beach. It is a west suburb of Kavala, from joke people called it Saint Tropez of...

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    Updated November 16, 2022.


    Keramoti is a small town, known as the port from which ferries depart to Thassos. But this place offers something more than just a port. To our pleasant surprise, it has a very long and wide sandy beach with a Blue flag, which certainly deserves. **The beach is several kilometers long,...

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    Updated May 06, 2020.

    Nea Iraklitsa

    Nea Iraklitsa is a small town that belongs to the municipality of Pangea and Kavala prefecture and is located in the western part of the bay, just 13km before Kavala. From Thessaloniki is approximately 155km. The place was created by populating refugees from Asia Minor from town Iraklitsa after...