Sivota is a small town on the Ionian coast 940km away from Belgrade. In last few years this resort has been increasingly popular because of the fantastic nature that surrounds it and the beautiful beaches in the vicinity.

Sivota is chosen by tourists who prefer quiet resorts. It consists of only a few streets along the coast and a few blocks with villas and hotels on the hill, and within the central part of the city there is a large park. Sivota has a marina for yachts and fishing boats, as well as a paved walkway along the coast with plenty of restaurants and cafes with beautiful gardens to enjoy by the sea. There is a small beach, but it is almost useless, so for summer vacation in Sivota car is necessary.

Sivota has no city beach, but Galikos Molos beach is considered to be one because is right next to the city. It’s about 300 meters from the port, located just behind the marina, and you can reach it on foot from most of the accommodations in Sivota. The beach is narrow, with no distinctive turquoise sea and can be used for swimming once you do not feel like visiting the most beautiful beaches in the area.

Sivota has very nice atmosphere for relaxing stroll by the sea and enjoying the sunset in one of the cafe-gardens or from benches arranged along the marina. Together with several islands located beside, Sivota makes very picturesque and authentic landscape. One of the islands and the famous beach Bella Vraka, can be reached on foot in 15 minutes from the center of Sivota.

The nature of Sivota leaves the best impression upon visiting. While driving to Parga you might get the impression of being on an island, due to a combination of forest and emerald sea. The bays with crystal clear water are one after another, and the view to the sea and above-mentioned islands is fantastic, from the beach and numerous vantage points.

Sivota is not the right place for those who love nightlife. You can spend the evening only at the promenade or in a tavern or cafe along the coast. Otherwise, the city is very lively, so everything is full and exudes a cheerful summer atmosphere.

In the city there are three supermarkets with everything you need for supplies during the summer. If you want, you can visit and Lidl, located in Igoumenitsa 25km from Sivota. In the city center there is a butcher shop, bakery, grocery stores with fruits and vegetables, a pharmacy and medical clinic.

Boat excursions are very popular in Sivota. You can pay an organized trip or rent yourself a small motorboat (no permit is required) suitable for 5-6 people. Renting this boat costs from 50-70e for six hours. There are several travel agencies that organize group or individual visits to the most beautiful beaches. There’s also a beach tour with taxi-boat, that takes you to a suitable beach and picks you up at the agreed time. Depending on the distance to the beach, this service costs about 10e per person. There are organized tours to the fabulous islands Paxos and Antipaxos for a price from 25-30e per person. To Parga, Corfu or Acheron river you can go by car or as a part of organized tours.

From Sivota you can visit the famous Meteora (190km). It’s best to stop on the way back to Serbia. There are organized tours from Sivota, but it’s even better if you have a car and can organize the trip yourself. On the way you can visit a very nice town Ioannina and spend a wonderful afternoon. It’s on a lake within a tiny inhabited island, reachable by boat for affordable price. On the way to Meteora you can also visit a magnificent mountain town Metsovo (140km).

You should not miss to visit the Acheron river, whose bright blue water simply delights. The river flows through beautiful nature and deciduous forest with plenty of taverns and cafés with gardens in the shade. Here you can enjoy the murmur of the river and a fantastic view of it, and rest your body and soul in a perfect natural setting. On the river you can try out rafting, horseback riding or fishing, or you can rent a kayak, go hiking or trekking through canyons and mountain areas. A trip to the Acheron river certainly will not leave you indifferent.

Parga is about 25km away from Sivota, and you can visit this beautiful city by yourselves. It’s best to visit Parga in the afternoon or early evening. To Corfu island you can go by ferry from Igoumenitsa, and do not miss to visit Paxos and Antipaxos islands as a part of organized tours.

Sivota is not an attractive city, the beaches around are not like on Lefkada and doesn’t leave you breathless. There’s no sandy beaches, all are with small stones, or at best with fine gravel. The beautiful nature is what makes Sivota special, interesting configuration of the terrain, the green area wherever you look at while driving, but also a phenomenal view of the wooded islands from almost all the beaches, the road and numerous vantage points. Numerous boats and yachts that you can watch as they arriving in the evening with a beautiful sunset, give the special charm to Sivota and it surrounding. The sea is crystal clear, not turquoise, but emerald green, transparent and excellent for diving. The sea is a bit colder on the beaches toward Parga, especially on Zavia beach, while on the beaches toward Igoumenitsa is warmer.

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