To get to know any destination better you have to try both local products and traditional dishes.

Like every region and every Greek island, Kefalonia has its own traditional products that make it recognizable.

Traditional dishes in Kefalonia are similar to those in the other Ionian Islands, and the ingredients that dominate are meat, fish and seafood, olive oil and local cheeses.

Mandola is a traditional candy and is the most famous traditional product of Kefalonia.

This sweet is made from almonds and sugar, and its vibrant red color comes from the kind of algae that locals have traditionally used in food coloring. The name of the treat comes from the Italian almond word “Mandorla”, borrowed and integrated into Greek long ago when the island was under Venetian.

Mandolato is another candy consisting of almonds, honey, sugar and whipped egg whites. During Venetian domination, this sweet treat was considered a delicacy accessible only to aristocrats.

Pastokidino is a candy made from wild quince growing in the Paliki Peninsula of Kefalonia. The quince is cooked with sugar, then the almonds and honey are added to make this delicious dessert.

Kefalonia also produces excellent honey. Most of them are thyme honey and spruce flowers. Honey honey is known for its very nice aroma and taste.

Robola is a grape variety that grows on the slopes of the highest mountain in Kefalonia, Enos. In the winery of the same name you can taste and buy extraordinary wines.

The most famous traditional dishes are pies made from spinach and other herbs, and you can also try pies with meat or cod, rabbit stew, strapacade, riganada (slices of oregano bread and local feta cheese), skordalia (potato side dish, garlic puree).

Of course, in Kefalonia, as in other Ionian islands, good olive oil is produced.

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