Skala is located in the southeast of the island. It is located on the coast itself and is 37 km away from Argostoli, or about 50 minutes by car. The road that connects the city is a main road, in a short section with four lanes, and the rest with two. Two thirds of the road are consisted of even and fairly straight path, while in the last 10 kilometers before Skala, the terrain becomes hilly and more complicated.

Given that the city was almost completely demolished in the earthquake in 1953, the old traditional houses were mostly replaced by new modern and luxurious villas with pools and extensive lawns.

Skala is known as a quiet resort with a beautiful sandy beach about 3 km long and crystal clear water. The city itself is small and sparsely populated, but very visited during the summer months by numerous tourists. There are about 30 taverns and restaurants of different types in the central zone of Skala, as well as cafes and various shops with souvenirs, clothes, footwear …

The Skala beach is fully organized. It is one of the most popular beaches in Kefalonia, but since it is very spacious and wide, there are plenty of places to feel comfortable and have privacy. During the summer season, various water sports, various restaurants and bars, mini markets and souvenir shops are available to tourists, behind the beach. At the backside of the beach, in the central part of the town of Skala, there is beautiful pine forest from which the pleasant and relaxing scent and freshness spread all the way to the beach.