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The village of Svoronata is located at the foot of Livathos hill. The village has retained much of its old architecture, thanks to its narrow winding streets and colorful gardens. Tourists' holiday accommodations are situated on the outskirts of the village, surrounded by wild olive groves and perfectly landscaped...

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Poros - quite port on the east of island

In the east side of the island, at about 12km from Skala to the north, driving on the road that stretches along the shore, the port of Poros is located, from which the ferries of Levante Ferries take off to the place called Kilini on the Peloponnese. Poros is a...

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Lassi is a small tourist town in the south of Kefalonia island and is one of the best developed tourist centers on the island. It is only 3km from the capital of Argostoli. It offers tourists a lot of fun, and in the vicinity of the city there are...

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Assos is a small tourist village, about 9km away from the main road leading to the famous Mirtos beach, north of the island. You can reach Assos by car or scooter. The road is steep and has many curves. Upon entering the village, you reach a small square with...

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Fiskardo - the most colorful town on Ionian coast

Fiskardo is one of 365 villages in Cephalonia. It is located in the very north of the island, in the region known as Erissos, which was put under the protection of the Greek Government because of the unique richness of nature. Dense forests surround the innumerable small coves with...

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Skala - peaceful place with a nice beach

Skala is located in the southeast of the island. It is located on the coast itself and is 37 km away from Argostoli, or about 50 minutes by car. The road that connects the city is a main road, in a short section with four lanes, and the rest...

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Argostoli - urban capital of Kefalonia

The capital of the Kefalonia island, Argostoli, was almost completely destroyed by a devastating earthquake which affected the whole island in 1953. Entire buildings built in the Venetian style disappeared altogether, and about 100.000 inhabitants left the island and moved mostly to the USA, Canada and Australia. Today, Argostoli is...

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Sami is the second largest port of Kefalonia, connecting the island with Italy, Ithaca and Patra. It is located in the east of the island, about 25km from Argostoli. The whole village is surrounded by hills, it has about 1000 inhabitants and is famous for abundance of cafes and...