The village of Theologos is certainly one of the most beautiful places on the island and you should definitely visit it. It is characterized by narrow streets and traditional style houses with stone roofs. A lot of tourists come here to try the far-famed lamb, but few people know that in addition to this, there are also waterfalls, which are only a few minutes’ walk from the village itself.

Kefalogourna in the village of Theologos on Thassos has a unique natural landscape. It is located on the outskirts of the village, in the northeast, and is easily accessible on foot. There, the waters from the higher parts of the mountain meet and together with the waters from the spring of Agia Vasiliki, which is the richest on Thassos, create two waterfalls that end in a natural pool.

The nature around the waterfall is really rich and the sun’s rays barely penetrate through the dense foliage. There is water in the waterfall all year round, unless there has been a long period of drought. In the past, grain was milled in the mills of that region, and the remains of the mills that you can see in the area testify to this.

How to get to the waterfall?

You will reach the waterfall by following the dirt path. First you come across the first waterfall, which is deeper and steeper. We have to draw your attention to be careful, because there are no stairs leading to the waterfall and if you decide to swim in both pools, we suggest that you enter the water slowly. In case you come with children, be even more careful. When you go back to the dirt road from there and follow the road to the stone house, you will also reach another waterfall. This one is shallower and ideal for children, but you should definitely be careful. The water is cold, around 10 degrees, so if you are thinking about taking a bath here, you should also know this information.
This is the exact location of the waterfall, so you can see on the map where it is and it’s easy to get to it.

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