Sarti is located by the 2.5km long beach. The whole beach is sandy and in some parts is 50m wide. New Sarti and Sarti Beach represent the southern part of Sarti.

New Sarti starts somewhere in the middle of the beach and the southernmost part of the beach is popularly called Sarti Beach. In recent years, an increasing number of facilities have emerged in this part of Sarti. Therefore, accommodation here is newer, better but also more expensive. The sea in this part is shallower, perfect for children, so New Sarti and Sarti Beach are better choices for families with children. The sand is very fine, and the water is shallow.

It is easier to find a place to park in the new part of Sarti.

The new part of Sarti and Sarti Beach have less content than the old ones. There are several mini markets and a promenade by the sea. Shops, restaurants, children’s toys, cafes with music as well as supermarkets are located in the old part, which is why New Sarti is ideal for those who want a quiet holiday. It takes only 5-10 minutes to walk from the new Sarti to the old part (depending on where the accommodation is located, it may take only a minute).

In Sarti we have a large offer of accommodation, more than 100 facilities, both in the old part and in the new part. Click HERE to view our offer.

Some of the most beautiful beaches in Sithonia are located in the immediate vicinity of Sarti, so it is an excellent starting point for enjoying the most beautiful beaches. Make a plan to visit these beaches The most beautiful beaches nearby Sarti.