Asprovalta is located in Strumica Gulf, and has about 40000 inhabitants in the winter and about 200000 in the summer. There are two biggest towns in the center of the bay, Asprovalta and Stavros. Asprovalta is the largest city in the region. The bay is 40km long and extends from Asprovalta over Ofrinia to Stavros.

Asprovalta is located about 80km away from Kavala, as well as from Thessaloniki, just 8km from Stavros and 500m from Nea Vrasna. It's one of the most developed tourist sites in northern Greece. The town has about 300 different shops, boutiques and souvenir shops and over 100 restaurants and taverns.

The beach is over 10km long, sandy and in some places more than 50m wide. It's mostly organized and those parts are packed with beach umbrellas and chairs, toys for children and water sports. There are parts that are not organized and ideal for those who want peace and quiet during their vacation. In the city, along the beach, spreads wide, beautifully landscaped promenade with trees, lush greenery, flowers, fountains, parks for children and adults, garden restaurants, taverns and cafes. Riva is around 4km long with two pedestrian zones.

Asprovalta is a quiet resort ideal for families with children, but also great for young people because it offers rich night life and entertainment. Beach chairs and umbrellas are free with purchased drink or coffee.

The biggest crowd is in August, when the Greeks use collective vacations and at this time sea gets a little fuzzy. Otherwise, the beach in Asprovalta is repeatedly rewarded with Blue Flag.

Asprovalta has a small marina, karting tracks, tennis court and beach volleyball. The town offers everything you need for a perfect holiday. Beautiful sandy beach, rich content for children and for adults, a lot of favorable places for shopping, cafes, restaurants, large supermarkets (Carrefour, Lidl) great promenade, lots of greenery and shade for hot summer days, a large choice of accommodation. It has a health center, a large number of medical and veterinary clinic, a post office, several banks, a pharmacy, a rent-a-car and rent-a-bike agency.

And if you fell like change a little, in the extension of the beach, 500m of light walk away, you can reach the nice little town of Nea Vrasna. Stavros is only 8km away.

From Asprovalta you can arrange a trip to the famous cave Alistrati (45km away) full of stalagmites and stalactites. One of the most famous archaeological sites in Greece, Philipi, is situated 65m from Asprovalta. If you're spending your summer vacation in Asprovalta, do not miss a tour of Stagira, Aristotle's birthplace, where you can visit the theme park in a place where it used to be Aristotle's house. The park is located on a hill offering a magnificent view of the Jerisos and Mount Athos.

Asprovalta adorns the famous nunnery of St. Lydia. It is an imposing building overlooking the city. Sisterhood of the monastery is known for his humanitarian work, and within the monastery is seated one of the largest humanitarian organizations in Greece. As part of this missionary center is state of the art printing room where are printed editions of almost all the Hilendar monastery. Monastery has also founded very listened-to radio station Lidia Filipisia and television station 4E. Few know that, as part of its humanitarian work, this monastery has hosted several times thousands of children from Serbia and the Republic of Serbia and Kosovo.
In the early nineteen-nineties from the monastery were organized convoys of aid to the people of Serbia, donors and foster for war orphans and provided scholarships to students.