According to many people, Sarti is an ideal place to stay if you are coming to vacation on Sithonia.

Except of the longer trip to Sarti and the wind that blows often and causes waves, we can not think about any other disadvantage of Sarti, while there are a lot of advantages.
Sarti is one of the largest places in Sithonia. It is located on the east coast. From Vourvourou a winding road leads to Sarti, through a picturesque landscape of high hills covered with coniferous forest. The city is on a flat area and has all the contents needed for a nice holiday. A walking area, a small square, a large number of small souvenir shops and clothing stores, restaurants, taverns and kiosks with fast food, a promenade along the sea, a long and wide sandy beach, playgrounds for children, organized parts of the beach, but also enough space for those with their own beach equipment, a few parking lots, many small supermarkets, a wide range of accommodation (accommodation in the center, but also accommodation a little bit outside the crowd and yet close to the beach), a beach which is never crowded, with fine sand on the shore and in the water, parts with shallow and parts with a gradual depth for swimmers… All in all, we can not remember something that Sarti is missing. Write us in a comment if you think differently.

With this article, we want to help you to make a list of beaches near Sarti, at a distance of maximum 30km south or north of the city, which you would like to visit. Some of these beaches belong to the most beautiful beaches of Sithonia, but also of the whole Chalkidiki.

As we said, the city beach in Sarti is 3km long, sandy, with a gradual depth in the old Sarti and a shallow in the new Sarti. Its disadvantage are frequent waves.

The list of beaches north of Sarti, with a brief description, you can find below.

When there are waves on a city beach in Sarti, the first option close to it is the Achlada beach. It is a small beach consisting of two bays and can be reached by foot. This beach is not the most representative one of Sithonia, but it can be a good option on windy days. There are parking spaces behind the beach. Beach is not organized.

Three and a half kilometers north of Sarti, there is a campsite Platanitsi and as a part of it, there is a beach with the same name. On this beach, the wind blows at the same time as in Sarti, so you should avoid it those days. It is a beach with coarse sand and a gradual depth, without shallow. Entry for full-day stay is paid 2€ per person. The beach is very beautiful, especially when the sea is calm. The color of the sea is turquoise. The beach is crowded during July and August. On the beach there is one of the more famous cafes, Africaffe, which plays good and loud music. Let’s say that this beach, due to the lack of shallow, it is not among the best ones for families with small children, but it is great for the young people. Stay of less than 2 hours is not paid, and it’s close to the main road so it’s best to just come across and see if you like it and then decide whether to stay or to go somewhere else. The beach has a parking lot inside and outside of the camp.

Shortly after Platanitsi beach we come across the famous Orange beach. It is 6km away from Sarti. Everything about this beach is more or less known. Beautiful sea color, fine sand, long shallow, big crowds in the season. This beach is one of the most beautiful in northern Greece. You can choose whether you will be on the northern part of the beach, which has a café and sunbeds, or south, which consists of several smaller, beautiful bays. We recommend the southern part with the bays, but be sure to come early in the morning to take place. You should arrive to the beach no later than 9am. Take your beach equipment, water and food with you. Near the beach there is a large parking space.

About half kilometer from Orange Beach (along the main road) there is a wild beach Mega Portokali. There is a small sign for the beach, as well a canteen next to the main road which can help you to recognize where to turn. A path through through the forest leads to the beach, and the last part of the path is very steep, around 30m. The beach is narrow, but the color of the water is unreal and we recommend that you visit this beach, at least to take a look at it from the height if you do not want to take the steep path to get to it. In the water there is a very long shallow (up to adult’s hips), and the sea is turquoise and very clear. In the woods above the beach there is space for parking.

About half a kilometer away from Mega Portokali beach there is another unmarked and wild beach. Greeks call it Paradise beach. On the main road there is no sign for its turn, so it’s not a bad idea to type the Lat.40.1255400 and Long.23.9640592 coordinates into your device in order to find it. If you do not have a GPS device, there is an extension for parking along the main road where are always a few parked cars, so they can be your guide, and right across the road, there is a gateway to enter the lot surrounded by fence. You can park the car on this extension or drive on the dirt road around 100 meters and then park it there. From there you have to walk to the beach and follow the path which is partially steep and leads through low vegetation. From parking to the beach it is 10 minutes walk by feet, but it is worth it because this beach is among the most beautiful beaches in Sithonia. Turquoise, clear sea, fine sand. It is not organized so it is necessary to bring food, water and beach equipment with you. We do not recommend this beach to families with children, because the way to it is hard.

The Armenistis beach is 15 kilometers far from Sarti. The beach is beautiful, wide and long, but it belongs to the camp. The entrance is paid, 5€ per person with one drink included, or 2.5 € per child with juice included. It’s a very beautiful beach, but since it’s often crowded, cars are parked along the main road, quite far from the beach, sunbeds are quite expensive and we are not sure if this should be on your must-see list. You can take your own beach equipment with you.

About 4km after Armenistis and 19km from Sarti there is Oneirou Beach. On this beach there is a restaurant and Manassa bar that make this beach famous. The bar and restaurant are fancy decorated, in bright colors and they are a great choice for those who like a complete service on the beach. The beach itself is average, with a gradual depth, coarse sand and stones in the water. The bar has a parking for its guests.

Rodia is only one kilometer ahead from Oneirou beach towards Vourvourou and 20km from Sarti. From the main road you will turn and drive for 2km. The beach has plenty of natural shade, a bar and fast food and pizza kiosk and provided parking. The beach is pebbly and excellent for larger groups and everyone who loves the natural environment. The depth is gradual, but there is no shallow for children.

Bahia is 23km from Sarti towards the north. Shortly after turning over to Bahia beach, you reach the ramp and the entrance to the Porto Elea camp, and you continue to the right by a dirt and winding road about 2km. The beach has some natural shade because of the rocks, it is located in a very interesting bay, between the high rocks, but we recommend it only to those who love louder music and completely organized beaches, without a lot of space for people who have their own beach equipment. The beach has a small parking lot where during the high season you can not always find place, but you can park along the road, near to the beach.

The turn to the Zografou beach is the same as the turn to Bahia beach and you drive the same way, but this beach belongs to the campsite Porto Elea and on the entrance you pay 3€ per person. On the beach there is no bar that offers light meals. There are places for visitors with their own equipment. The beach is surrounded by the high rocks and lush greenery, and the sea has a beautiful emerald color. The beach has parking.

So we arrive to Vourvourou and to the beaches Fava and Karidi.

Fava is 30km far from Sarti.
Since there is no sign for the beach, you can enter the following coordinates Lat.40.1846896 and Long.23.8181817 into your GPS device to find it easier. The beach can not be completely reached by car. The beach is sandy, wild, so you need to carry your own equipment and water with you. The beach consists of several bays, without long shallow, and waves are frequent. If you like less commercial beaches, you will like Fava.

About 31 kilometers from Sarti there is one of the most beautiful beaches in Sithonia, Karidi beach. It is a sandy beach, with very fine sand and a long shallow. The sea is always calm in this part, compared to Fava beach. The beach is perfect for families with children. It is not organized and you must take your equipment, food and water with you (there are fast food canteens). The beach has a large parking lot. In the high season it is very crowded, so you have to come early in the morning to take a good place in the shade.

After Vourvourou there are several other excellent beaches that belong to Ormos Panagias. These are Talgo, Lagonisi and Trani Ammouda. They are all very beautiful and organized. The most beautiful one is Lagonisi, while Trani Ammouda is very long and wide and not too crowded in the high season.

As you can see, in the range of 30km to the north there is a large number of beaches that you can visit if you are staying in Sarti. If the must-see list should be shorter, then do not bypass Orange, Mega Portokali and Karidi. And both Lagonisi and Trani Ammouda are among to the most beautiful ones on the peninsula, if they are not too far away for you.

The beaches Bahia, Rodia, Zografou and Oneirou are a bit further away from the main road, but they are all surrounded by an interesting environment and they are great for young people and diving lovers. And the beaches Karidi, Orange, Lagonisi and Mega Portokali are more suitable for families with children because of the shallow.

South of Sarti there is a large number of beaches that are also considered to be the most beautiful in Sithonia.
So let’s start from the closest one.

Platania is 1.5km away from Sarti. It is a wide, sandy beach, and apart from being shorter, it is very similar to the city beach in Sarti. There is plenty of parking space in its hinterland, and it is never crowded. The beach is organized.

Goa is only 3km away from Sarti. From the main road, the dirt road of about 200m leads to this beach. Goa is located in a very interesting environment, between high and interesting rocks. On the shore there are pebbles, and there are rocks and pebbles in the water. There is no shallow. We recommend the beach to young people and to all those who like calm beaches. On the beach there is an excellent bar that plays fine music. There is no crowd on the beach, and there is enough parking space.

Agridia beach is 5km away from Sarti. The only way to reach it is a dirt road that is not ideal for low cars. In the hinterland there is a parking lot. The beach is a small and quiet bay, with a small beach bar, sunbeds and umbrellas. It’s a sandy beach with a gradual depth. It is perfect for those who like small and less popular bays. One part of the beach is available for visitors with their own equipment.

Just a kilometer away from Agridia beach and 6km from Sarti, there is Valti beach. Less visited, not crowded, sandy beach with plenty of space for visitors with their own equipment. Perfect for lovers of non-commercial beaches.

Seven kilometers from Sarti there is Griavas beach. It is very similar to the Valti beach and they are very close to each other.

Sykia Beach is 8km far from Sarti. It is a long, very wide and sandy beach with clear sea. The beach is awarded by the Blue Flag. It is perfect for families with smaller children due to shallow and fine sand. This beach is never crowded. Only a small part is organized.

Nine to ten kilometeres south from Sarti, we find three more similar beaches, Linaraki, Pigadaki and Tourkolimnionas. These are small, sandy, organized beaches with shallow. The most beautiful is the Tourkolimnionas, and along each beach there is one or more fish taverns. This beach is with very fine sand and a great shallow for children.

Along the shorter path, by the cliff, at 12km from Sarti, we reach the Klimataria beach. According to us, it is one of the most beautiful beaches in Sithonia. The beach has a parking space but also a lot of visitors in the high season. Fine sand, long shallow and a very clear sea are the main advantages of this beach. Near the beach there are several restaurants, and sunbeds are for free if you order a drink.

About 13km from Sarti it is located the Tigania beach. In order to get to it, follow the sign for beach bar Delight. The beach consists of three bays of which one is nudist. The other two bays, that are right next to the bar, look exotic and very pleasant for all day stay. With quiet music from the bar, you can enjoy the relaxed atmosphere on this beach. Light meals can be ordered at the bar. The approach to the beach is a little problematic, so caution is needed.

Around 13km from Sarti, you will come across the Kriaritsi beach through the famous maze of the roads. To get to it easier, follow the sign to the Paradisos camp, which is located on the beach. The beach is long and wide and consists of three bays of which one is nudist. On the beach wind blows often and there is no crowd. The color of the sea is turquoise, and in the hinterland there is plenty of space for parking. Only a small part of the beach is organized.

Only 15km away from Sarti is one of the most beautiful beaches in Sithonia and the entire Halkidiki. It’s Kalamitsi beach. Fine sand, clear and transparent sea. This beach can not be described, you have to visit is. It is organized, but there is enough space for visitors with their own equipment. Near the central part of the beach, there is a nudist one.

Thalatta beach is located within the camp of same name, just a few hundred meters from the beach of Kalamitsi. It’s a beautiful, sandy beach, like Kalamitsi, and the entrance is paid 3€ per person. Within the camp there are also parking, swimming pool, restaurant, bar, umbrellas and sunbeds…

At about 30km from Sarti there is a place called Toroni with several beautiful beaches including the city beach. Beaches around Toroni are the Destenika, Tristinika, Aretes… They are all similar to each other, with larger sand, gradual depth, clear and calm sea and they are all excellent. They are not crowded and perfect for relaxation.

Although all the beaches south of Sarti are very nice, in order to narrow down your choice, we suggest you to visit the beaches Tourkolimnionas, Klimataria and Kalamitsi. If you like the less popular beaches then visit Agridia and Tigania.

One serious remark refers to taking a bath while there are waves on the beach in Sarti, which should be absolutely avoided, especially in its central part. Eight people drowned this year in Sarti, and lifeguards reacted in a much larger number of cases and rescued some people who were drowning at the last moment. As much as swimming in the waves is fun, and as far as the number of drowned people is small compared to the thousands of people who visited Sarti this year, caution in this case is indeed necessary.

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