Sithonia - comprehensive tourist guide

    sarti sithonia halkidiki 3
    Updated April 16, 2020.


    Sarti is the most popular and visited place on the Sithonia peninsula, on Halkidiki. It is a small fishing town of total of 900 settlers. It is 140km away from Thessaloniki, being situated on the eastern coast of Sitonia, between Vourvourou and Sykia. The...

    Kalamitsi 1
    Updated December 05, 2022.

    Kalamitsi Sithonia

    Kalamitsi is a small and peaceful place in the very south of Sithonia with the beach bearing the same name. This destination is a perfect choice for all those who wants to have a relaxing vacation, away from hustle and noise, which is possible in bigger and more popular places. That...

    ormos panagias sithonia chalkidiki (1)
    Updated August 22, 2022.

    Ormos Panagias

    Ormos Panagias is a small place on the eastern coast of Sithonia. It was named after the church devoted to the Saint Mother of God (in greek Panagia) that has been preserved since the period of Byzathium. The place is best known for the fact that all the ships sail off...

    Neos Marmaras 2
    Updated August 18, 2022.

    Neos Marmaras

    Neos Marmaras is located in the  middle of the western side od Sithonia, 767km away from Belgrade. Nicely spreading over 3 surrounding hills it is the center of all events on Sithonia, so everyone can find something appealing to them, whether it be fun, gastronomy, luxury, beaches... Neos Marmaras was founded...

    nikiti sithonia (25)
    Updated August 18, 2022.


    Nikiti is located at the very beginning of Sithonia, and it is the first place that can be seen after Thessaloniki (100 km away). About 3000 citizens live there throughout a year.This place a very long history, it had been completely destroyed several times firstly by the pirates and then...

    porto koufo sithonia haklidiki 12
    Updated August 15, 2022.

    Porto Koufo

    Porto Koufo is a small, fishing place perfect for real relaxation and enjoying in peace. The place is only 2km away from the bigger place Toroni and has got the biggest natural harbour in Greece, as long as 1,5km. Porto Koufo means “the deaf harbor” when translated because it is...

    toroni beach sithonia 0001
    Updated August 15, 2022.


    Toroni is a town in the south-west of Sithonia which dates back to antique times. During its history it had been reigned interchangeably by several kingdoms, from Persians to Greeks, and then by Byzantium and Turks, and it was reigned again by Greece at the beginning of 20th century. The...

    metamorfosi sithonia halkidiki 15
    Updated August 14, 2022.


    Metamorfosi is a small place at the beginning (western entrance) of Sithonia, with about 500 inhabitants. It is characteristic of a dense pine forest that extends over the coast, and sometimes up to 300m into the interior of the peninsula. Given that the place is small and ideal for a...

    parthenonas neos marmaras sithonia (17)
    Updated July 15, 2022.

    Parthenonas - village in Sithonia

    Traditional village Parthenonas is 5km far away from Neos Marmaras, up on the hill, with the elevation of 350m. The village is under cultural protection of the EU and the Greek state. Those who are spending holidays on Sithonia ca visit this village for which we can find inscriptions since the...

    metagitsi village sithonia (3)
    Updated December 25, 2020.


    Metagitsi is a town on Sithonia, rarely mentioned in tourist guides. It's located on the land, 14 km away from Metamorfosi on one side and 5 km away from Salonikiou beach from the other. Metagitsi was built on the former territory of an ancient town called Assa. Today, this village has about...