Limenaria is the second largest town in Thassos. It is located in the south of the island, 5km away from Potos.

Limenaria has about 3000 inhabitants and like Potos, is divided by the main road into two parts. Below the road, towards the sea, is the largest number of accommodation facilities while above the road are mostly private homes.

It is a very peaceful place, which even in the highest season is without crowds, both on the beach and in town. The reason for this is the length of the beach (over 2km) and the cafes and restaurants that are not in one place but scattered along the coast.

Limenaria has two beaches. One is in the city center and it is a small, sandy on the shore, and in the water with sand and stone. The other one is on the west side of the city, and it is 2km long and mostly organized. Sand on the shore but in the water mostly rocky with some very good sandy areas. This beach is organized and sunbeds can be used for free with an ordered drink. On the beach there are showers and dressing rooms, beach bars, water sports, restaurants and taverns. This beach is very long, with many, many spaces for everyone who has their own equipment. You can sunbathe on it and enjoy the peace, as some parts of it are not visited at all.

The place has two pedestrian zones, the left and right of the street that descends from the main road to the sea. On the left side of the promenade, stretches paved street for pedestrians, with several fast-food restaurants, several boutiques, gift shops, two jewelry shops, cafes and restaurants. In the extension of the promenade is a busy street next to the sea with restaurants, post office, bank, pizza and a few shops. The promenade which is to the right of the police station is actually the most beautiful part of the city. It is directed by the sea so that the taverns are on the coast, there are no bars and no loud music nearby, so you can enjoy peacefully in Greek traditional food close to the sea with the sound of waves. After a row of tavernas and a pastry shop, you come by a bridge over the canal followed by a line of hotels with a nice, small gardens by the sea. This part of Limenaria is ideal for those who want to relax with a drink and quiet music on the beach and sea. In these hotel gardens you can keep track of all sports events. This street (promenade) on its end leads right to the main road, but if you turn left on the first street before you get on the highway, you come to a very beautiful and romantic cafe Navagio.

Limenaria has a nice, long promenade starting from the port all the way to the exit from the town on the opposite side.

In the city there is a bank, a post office, about 15 restaurants, 4-5 bars, 5-6 cafes, 3 butchers, 2 fish markets, 4-5 bakeries, 10  super and mini markets, small shop of healthy food, public (free) clinic and several private doctors, 3-4 pastry shops, two rent-a-car and two rent-a-bike agencies, the port form which tourist boats and fishermen sail out, a few shops for technical appliances, shop for fishing equipment and two bookstores.

Symbol of Limenaria is Palataki, a “castle” on a hill above the town, to which leads a beautiful trail through the pines. Behind Palataki is a lonely beach Metalia ideal for people who love the beaches outside the cities, where they can rest, swim, read, sleep or walk.

Limenaria is the town loved by fans of coastal places without the crowds, with a long promenade by the sea, without the crowd on the beach, to those whom long sandy beach with shallows is not crucial, and to all of those who like to sit in the restaurant or garden by the sea with quiet music and sound of waves. Limenaria provides the enjoyment of tranquility, but with Potos located just 5 minutes of drive away a little more of fun is easily available.

Limenarija can serve as an excellent base for visiting the island. It is located in the south of the island, where are the most beautiful beaches (Trypiti - 3km, Pefkari - 4km, 6km San Antonio, Atspas - 7km, Rosso Gremos 7km, Notos - 7km, 9km Psili Ammos). From Limenaria you can visit the Theologos village, factory of gold - Iris Gold (2km), the village of Maries and the monastery of the Holy Virgin.

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