When we visited Sykia for the first time, we didn't understand how anyone can spend a holiday in such a small place with no content at all. After a month spent on the south of Sithonia, we realized that Sykia is a perfect choice for your holiday on Sithonia!

Inner Sykia should be differentiated from Sykia beach.

Sykia (inner) is actually the largest settlement on Sithonia, and it's located 2km from the coast. Sykia beach, however, is a very small place. As a matter of fact it's a large beach with several accommodation facilities in its back, a restaurant, minimarket and a pizzeria. The beach itself is very long (about 2km) and wide, with fine sand both on the coast and in the water. It's the holder of the Blue Flag, very shallow in some parts, and ideal for families with children.

And if it was the only beach, it would be a reason enough for a holiday in Sykia, because it's so beautiful. But at only about 3-4 minutes walk from it, there's a beautiful Linaraki bay, and at another two minutes walk there's even more beautiful Limanaki bay, and after it maybe the most beautiful Tourkolimnionas bay. From the third and last of the bays, you can continue by car, and after about two-minute drive you'll reach one of the most beautiful beaches on Sithonia, called Klimataria. If you continue to drive for another 4-5 minutes you'll come across three fantastic bays called Tigania or North Kriaritsi. These bays are our favorites in the south of Sithonia. And this is not the end. Just behind the cape is a very long, wide and sandy Kriaritsi beach with its two bays. All these beaches are located on the right side of the large, central Sikia beach and they all are really beautiful. In a few of these bays are located some of the best restaurants on Sithonia, such as the famous restaurant "5 Steps in the sand". The list of beaches close to Sykia doesn't end here. We mentioned only the beaches located on the right side of it. On the left side from Sykia beach there are lined Griavas, Valti and finally, in our opinion the best on that side, Agridia beach. The characteristic of beaches on this stretch is that there are no crowds even in the high season, and they aren't arranged along the entire length, so everyone has plenty of space for themselves and family, or friends.

If we look at Sykia in a broader surrounding, then the famous Kalamitsi beach, considered by many the most beautiful in the whole of Halkidiki, is very close. Sarti is only 8km away, and many beaches around Sarti are 7-12km away (Platanitsi, Orange, Mega Portokali, Kavurotripes Paradise).

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