Greek sweets! Who can resist them?
It’s known that Greek bakeries and pastry shops offer a variety of sweet specialties. Even if you are lost in some mountain village with no developed tourism, there’s no doubt you will be amazed by local pastries in pastry shops.
Even though we try to avoid sugar as much as possible, we can’t keep ourselves from trying some Greek sweets from time to time.

In our opinion, Thassos doesn’t really have any pastry shops that stand out compared to the other ones - they’re all pretty much on the same level.

On Sithonia, however, we do have our favorites.

The best ice cream in Nikiti is in Ksilaki. It’s located near the promenade and it has some amazing homemade ice cream. Pastries and cakes are very delicious in Plaisir pastry shop near the dock, as well as in Gavanas bakery by the highway.

In Neos Marmaras, you can try some very tasty sweets in Aroma cafe pastry shop. Their sweets actually come from the famous Estia pastry shop in Thessaloniki. If you come here, we recommend trying the chocolate heart - we promise you won’t regret it!

Sarti is known for its great ice cream, and the best is in the Italian pastry shop in the main square.

In case you’re making a stop in Thessaloniki, you should probably know that this is where it’s really impossible to resist good sweets.

You can try the best ice cream in Fregio pastry shop which is located in the Aristotelous square. Their pastries are equally as nice as their ice creams, and we recommend their waffle with Nutella and biscuits (not the premade one, but the one that you have to order) and their hazelnut cake which comes in a cup.

Estia pastry shop is widely popular and all of its sweets and pastries are amazing. It’s near the Aristotelous square.

Of course, we can’t forget about Ble pastry shop which is, in our opinion, the third best after Estia and Fregio.

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