Lefkas is located on the north side of Lefkada. It’s the first town encountered after crossing the bridge that connects Lefkada with the mainland. On the road signs it’s generally written Lefkada, not Lefkas. It’s a 20-minute drive away from the international airport near Preveza.

Lefkas is the biggest city and the capital of Lefkada, as well as administrative and cultural center of the island. It has about 8,000 inhabitants.

Powerful earthquakes that have hit the Ionian coast in the last century, heavily hit Lefkada and Lefkas, so most of the buildings and churches have been destroyed. Medieval fortress that was built in the early 14th century remained and today it stands as the most imposing building on Lefkada. Called Agia Mavra, was built by the Franks and was intended for the protection of the city from pirates. Lefkas was restored after the earthquake and built to withstand future quakes. It was built as a classic Venetian resort, with a central square and two circular streets around the square. Mentioned square in the center of Lefkas is called Agios Spirodonas after the Church of Gathering that was built in the 17th century. There are two more churches from the 18th century in town - Agios Nikolaos and Pantocrator.

In addition to a large number of accommodation facilities (hotels, villas, apartments) in the city, there are banks, a post office, a couple of high schools, a large number of rent-a-car agencies… Nearby Agios Ioannis beach there is a lagoon, and also a narrow belt of sand with windmills known as Gira. Laguna is famous for being a habitat for migratory birds and fishes. If you like nature, you can enjoy the view of pelicans, flamingos and ducks very nicely adapted and feel like home, despite the noise coming from the city.

Large marina dominates the city. Throughout the season hundreds of sailboats, yachts, ships and boats are anchored there. Along the marina there’s a long promenade full of taverns, cafes and seafood restaurants. On the other side of the street across the promenade, there are also restaurants, shops, fast food kiosks, boutiques…

Lefkas has literally everything you may need during the holiday. Large supermarkets including Lidl, large, paved and closed to traffic shopping street with boutiques of famous and less known brands. By the sea there’s a part with bars and clubs that work throughout the night, but also paved promenade with a number of narrow streets crowded with taverns, souvenir shops, boutiques, as well as tucked and nicely landscaped gardens.

Very nice are the streets that are not strictly in the the tourist part of town, because they are so narrow that they can be passed by only two persons. These streets are reminiscent of those in the Italian towns.

In the center there’s no beach, but 3km from the town there is a long beach Agios Ioannis, known for its constant wind making this beach second surfing center on the island, after Vasiliki. The sea in this part is turquoise with gradual depth. The beach is pebbly, but in the water there are also stone slabs. In the background there are plenty of accommodation facilities. In the same bay there are the famous windmills, with one particular converted into a coffee bar. On the beach you can rent a surfboard or pay the lessons for this sport.

Going further to the west you’ll come across the famous monastery of the Holy Virgin Faneromeni, considered to be a patroness of the island. This monastery is really worth visiting, especially because it’s very sacred, and also because of a very nicely landscaped garden and beautiful view to the sea, Agios Ioannis beach, the lagoon and Lefkas.

The famous sandy beach Pefkoulia is 10km away from Lefkas. This beach is usually not crowded, so you can enjoy the peace even in the high season.

Agios Nikitas and the famous Milos beach are 13km away from Lefkas.

One of the most beautiful beaches on the island, famous Kathisma, is 16km away from the capital, while Egremni and Porto Katsiki, located on the opposite side of the island, are within 40-45km. A bit further away there’s one of the most beautiful places on Lefkada, Vasiliki as well as beautiful Agiofili beach.

On the east coast, 17km away from Lefkas, there’s the most popular place on the island Nidri. You can visit it in the evening and enjoy a very vibrant atmosphere it’s known for. Also worth visiting on the east coast are Desimi beach with a natural shade 29km away from Lefkas, Rouda Bay (Mikros Gialos) (30km), Afteli (34km), as well as the port of Sivota (31km) famous for the best fish taverns on the island.

We have already mentioned that Lefkas is cultural center of Lefkada island, therefor you can visit Archaeological Museum, Museum of turntables, as well as Folklore Museum.

In the town there is, now famous and very popular wooden bridge, where every night a large number of tourists gather to watch the sunset and take photos.

You can see the accommodation in Lefkas on following link.