Kazaviti is one of the oldest villages on Thasos. Nowadays you can see the remains of the old school, old houses and the old church, but the most peculiar thing about this place is that you traveled a thousand years back in time, and that you are on a paradise island, surrounded by beautiful nature.

You can’t see Kazaviti from the shore, and it is the only village the Pirates didn’t pillage, because they didn’t know it existed.

The village was once known for its school system.

The nature in Kazaviti is truly beautiful, and it is definitely one of the first places tourists visit when they come to Thasos. The village itself has a couple of taverns with delicious food, most of all lamb, which is prepared in a mud pot only there.

There are beautiful taverns under shade in the center of the village, and a beautiful view of the shore.

If you decide to visit this village, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to use the trip to it to visit the monastery of St. Pantaleon, as well, which is located above the village (4-5km).