Limenas - capital of the island.

Its advantage over other places is that is the largest city and therefore provides the most content to their visitors. It has something for everyone, a large number of restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and entertainment parks for children... Limenas boasts a great promenade along the coast that stretches from one end to another, tha is from the old to the new port.

Limenas is a great choice if you want to drive as little as possible, because it is closest to the mainland (only half an hour by ferry from Keramoti).

The capital of Thassos offers the most to the fans of history and archeology, and there, besides a large and very interesting archaeological museum, you can visit the antique amphitheater from which a fantastic panoramic view of the whole city can been enjoyed. There is also Agora and the gate of the Hera and Zeus...

Limenas has two beaches - one on each of the outskirts of the city, thus your accommodation is always near at least one of them.

As the largest city you will find there most supermarkets for the supply of food, shops... Limenas is only 2km away from one of the most beautiful beaches on the island, Makryammos, 6km from the famous Marble beach (Saliara beach), 10km from the Golden beach, only 4km from La Scala and 8km from Pachis.