There is a chain of retail outlets in Thassos, Masoutis - a big Greek trading giant. One Masoutis is located in the south of the island in Pefkari, between Limenaria and Potos, while the other is in Limenas, in the north of the island.

From May 2022. Lidl has finally arrived, so if you want to make bigger purchases you can also do it there. The market is located near the ferry port and by clicking here you can see the exact location.

In this blog post you can find out more about supermarkets on the way to Thassos.

In Skala Rachoni there is Latsouris - a local, large two-tier market with parking (easy to find as it is next to the main road).

You can easily shop in all bigger places on Thassos since there should be several markets, butchers, fish markets, bakeries, pastry shops, pharmacies, souvenir shops, shops with honey, olive oil, newspapers, beach equipment, clothes and footwear. Of course, the bigger place - the bigger number and type of shopping stores.

The market like bazar is organized only in the town of Prinos and only on Mondays. However, it is not something special so if you do not visit this market you don’t miss a lot since fruits and vegetables are selling at slightly lower prices than those from the markets, and among other goods, low-quality Chinese goods are quite expensive. You can buy homemade olive oil and honey at the market.

Often, even in small places, you will see fruit and vegetable sellers offering their goods loud on trailer trucks wherever they stand, drawing attention to themselves. These mini mobile markets can be a great place to buy quality fruits and vegetables at affordable prices from those in the market.

You can also buy fresh fish directly from the fishermen in the local ports, except in the fish markets.

If you are interested in accommodation offers on Thassos, for more information click HERE.

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