All places in Sithonia have small grocery stores, but there are also several large supermarkets of well-known chains. Considering that Nikiti is near the intersection where the road forks east and west of Sithonia, you can find the largest number of well-stocked supermarkets there: Lidl, Masoutis, Galaxias, and Vasilopoulos. All of them are located along the main road.

The Lidl in Neos Marmaras was closed in February 2022. If you like to shop at Lidl, you can still do your shopping at the Lidl in Nikiti. You can see the locations of all Lidl supermarkets in Greece here.

The market day in Nikiti is Friday, in Marmaras and Agios Nikolaos it is Thursday, in Sikia and Polygyros it is Saturday, and in Ormilia it is Monday.

If you are interested in the current prices (2023) of basic food items, you can check them by clicking on the link HERE.

There are, of course, souvenir shops in all places, but, for example, in Nikiti everything is more expensive compared to Marmaras and Sarti, so if you visit these places, do your shopping there as well.

In addition to larger supermarkets, all places in Sithonia have smaller local supermarkets where you can buy more than just basic products.

There are fish markets in Nikiti, Marmaras, Toroni, Sarti, and Ormos Panagias.

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