All places on Sithonia have smaller grocery stores, but on Sithonia there are several known large supermarket chains. Given the fact that Nikiti is near the intersection where the road branches off to the east and west of Sithonia it has the largest number of supermarkets. There are a total of four and they are all about the same size and very well supplied. There are Lidl, Masoutis, Galaxias and Vasilopoulos. Each of them is along the highway.

In Neos Marmaras there is a large Masoutis, probably the largest on the peninsula and supermarket Oikonomou. In Sarti is Sklaventis, former Marinopoulos and it is, like every other mentioned - along the highway.

In Sikia is Carrefour, not along the highway but a little more inside the town.

Except these really large supermarkets, almost in every city there are smaller stores from the chain Smile.

Besides the markets, you can supply at the local markets. Market day is Friday in Nikiti, in Marmaras and Agios Nikolaos is Thursday and in Sykia and Poligiros is Saturday, and in Ormilia is Monday.

Every bigger city has a well supplied bakeries, but there are still, so called, mobile bakeries and “van bakeries” - canteens, with hot pastries that, between nine and eleven o’clock in the morning, are moving around the streets of the smallest places on Sithonia. In the same way in all places are selling fruits, vegetables and fish.

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