This article is intended as a short guide that will be useful for you during vacation, without much details and photos. Each place, which we recommend you visit, has a separate article on our website. So here is only a practical and concise guide.

Let’s say you are in Potos and you want to take a tour around the island…Here’s what it should look like and what are the important stations during the tour.

If you are facing the sea, the road on the right takes you to Limenaria, the road that leads inside the island takes you to Theologos, a traditional village 10km from Potos. You should visit Theologos in the evening hours and try lamb in some of the taverns. The most popular tavern is Iatrou (Kleoniki).

You are heading towards Limenaria. At 200m from the center of Potos, you will see a sign of Aleksandra beach - Hotel & Spa Resort. There is also an entrance gate to enter the complex. You should stop by in the evening to watch some of the programs that have special days (Greek evening, for example) or during the day because of the tennis court, children’s toys, etc. Greek, Latin and Rock nights are organized once a week, and once a week there is a program for children. The program is not just for hotel guests and is free of charge. You can stand by and watch, and you can sit in the garden and have a drink. In the hotel garden, facing the sea, there are excellent and very comfortable seating and enjoyment sets. You can order great ice cream or Mochito (no alcohol or alcohol). The beach of the hotel is nicely decorated, but there are stones in the water.

A hundred meters after Aleksandra beach is a shortcut to enter Pefkari. At the exit from the main road there is a small bend, so those who drive lower cars should be careful. This turn for Pefkari is not marked. If you do not take the shortcut, after another 300m towards Limenaria, there is a sign Pefkari beach, and then there is the exit.

Continue driving towards Limenaria, and after more than 1km from Pefkari, there is a sign on the right side Bolero. This is the most famous place to go partying in the south of the island. The disco itself cannot be seen from the main road. Of course, the best time to go is on Friday and Saturday, and the ticket which including one drink is 5e. In the disco people go after 2am.

From the disco to the turn for Metalia beach is 200m. A small and inconspicuous sign is on the left side of the road. A relatively poor dirt road of about 500m leads you to the beach. At the beginning of that road, on the left, you will see marble zodiac signs.

There is about 500m from the exit for Metalia to the center of Limenaria. At the very entrance into the city, there is a public, city church on the left. You come to the main intersection in Limenaria. If you keep going forward you will continue the circle around the island and you head towards Iris Gold gold factory and jewelry store, and Limenas. If you turn right you will go to the Kalivia part of Limenaria and then to the intersection where turning left takes you to Maries village, the Panagia monastery, the lake, and if you go straight the road leads you to Kastro.If you turn left from the main intersection in Limenaria, you go towards the sea, the city center, and the beach.

So, you are in Limenaria. The first thing you will see, on the far left side on the hill, is Palataki, the management building of the mine which resembles a castle. Take your car to the palace and then walk around, and make sure you get to the place where is a great view of the old mine and Metalia. You also have a small trail that leads to Metalia and if you like you can take photos.

You continue your circle around the island. You exit Limenaria and drive on along the main road. After 2km you will come upon the gold factory Iris Gold. It’s on the right side, on a hill. There is a big parking in front of the factory, so you can drive straight to the factory.

At about 500m after the factory, you will come upon the Trypiti beach. There are 2 ways to get to the beach. The first is an unmarked dirt road. This road leads to the Plavoulis bar and turns left to the nudist beach area. This part of the beach (in Limenaria direction) is less visited than the other part of the beach (in front of the Blue Dream Palace hotel), which often has crowds. If you continue along the main road for another 200m you will see the road leading to the part of the beach without stones inside the water, and with a natural small tunnel inside the rock, and that is the part of the beach where Blue Dream Palace hotel is.

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