Kastro is a medieval village, probably the oldest in Thassos. It is located in the center of the island, at 450m above sea level. It is 16km from Limenaria (northeast). The road to the village is excellent, because few years ago it was paved. If you have an adventurous spirit, you can take the Castro route on foot from Limenaria or Theologos. It will take you a few hours of hiking.

This village is named after the remains of an old fort (castro - fort). The fortress and castle date from the 15th century and belonged to the Gatilusi dynasty of Genoa (Italy).

Kastro experienced its flourishing in the 19th century. But after that, part of the population moved closer to the coast to maintain olive plantations. Others found work at the Metalia mine in Limenaria, which was opened in the early 19th century by the German company “Spiedel”. Some went abroad for “easy money”, while others were seeking employment in coastal towns. So Kastro was left by its inhabitants.

In the center of the village, there is a church, dating from 1804. The Sultan gave permission for its construction, but on condition that it must be completed within 40 days. All the villagers took part in its construction and built it within the set deadline. The church is dedicated to St. Athanasius, who is celebrated on January 18th. Two weeks around this holiday are the only days of the year when the village comes to life again. In those days, sometimes under the snow, the village gets a completely different look. The narrow streets are crowded, can be heard music and laugh.

In recent years, old houses have been renovated, mostly of stone, so the village has preserved its traditional appearance. There are even newly built houses, all serving as cottages.

Many tourists are visiting to Kastro during the summer. In the center of the village, in the courtyard of the church, there is a café where travelers and hikers who walk to the village are going to relax. The owner of the tavern, Kostas, usually greets all the tourists by showing them on the map what to visit in Castro. Among other things, there is a waterfall that is not so easy to find.

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