Beach in Pefkari consists of two parts.

Right part of the beach, as seen from the shore, is the holder of the Blue Flag, an international sign that is related to the order and cleanliness of the beach and water quality. The beach is well known for the purity of water and is especially loved for diving and snorkeling. This long stretch of beach is several hundred meters long and of medium width. Sand is on the banks, and the water has sand, gravel, and stone slabs, which makes entering hard, and sometimes with sea urchins. Stretch of few hundred meters in front of the villa Dimitre is the only part with no rocks in the water.

The beach is organized, full of sun sunbeds and umbrellas that are mainly 2e or you get them free with a drink. Along the beach are arranged taverns and bars, and on the beach, there is a water sports center Albatross and the diving club Diver to Diver.

The left part of the beach in front of the camp Pefkari extends all the way to luxury hotel Alexandra Beach. This part of the beach is not organized along its length, so sunbeds are only set up on the part of the beach used by guests of the hotel Alexandra Beach. Right part of the beach is without sunbeds. This beach is suitable for beach volleyball or tennis due to its width. In water you have gravel and small stones. The water is still very clear on this part of the beach and is never crowded, partly because so many do not know it exist, partly because of its width. If you like to read alone on the beach, to celebrate the romantic sunset without children clamor around and shouting neighbors who have a towel next to you, while you don't have a requirement of fine sand on the shore or in the shallow, but clear water, then you will like the beach in Pefkari. Part of Pefkari beach is used by the hotel guests of Aleksandra Beach hotel, is also free for all those who want to set their own umbrella and towel or rent umbrellas and sunbeds. In this part of the beach, entering into the water is quite inconvenient because of big, sharp rocks, so there are paths set through the water leading to the sandy parts. Beaches in Pefkari are only one reef away from each other, so wherever you are staying in Pefkari both are readily available, so you can check on the spot which one suits you better.

In Pefkari you can enjoy in beautiful sunsets, as well as in many taverns with tasty food.

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