Due to the lack of rocks and shallow water there are no children at the beach, and therefore no clamor, throwing sand and running between towels :). The beach is never crowded, and you can take your place and enjoy conversation with your friends without the need for whispering the "neighbor" :)

Metalia belongs Limenaria so it can be reached by climbing up to the hill where there is Palataki, which is clearly visible from all sides, and then you descend via steep footpath to the beach. This is a strenuous and exciting way (and in my opinion more beautiful, but only if you're in good shape). The beach can be reached by car, going on highway from Limenaria to Potos. Less than 1km from the right, you'll see the inscription "Metalia". Begging of the road is paved, then turns into dirt. Drive slowly, because it is narrow, steep and rugged. There is also parking in the shade.

In the back of the beach, between the pines, there are remnants of the old German mine, reminiscent of the old town, which gives this beach a special charm. In addition to the mine, above the beach you can see the famous palace, which has the appearance of a medieval castle.

Surrounding of the beach is very well done, full of sculptures in marble, pine, red earth, swings and benches.

On the beach there is a bar that is fully integrated into the surroundings of pine trees and green and very quiet music and a nice selection of songs does not disturb the atmosphere. The part of the beach in front of the bar has sunbeds that come free with a drink or coffee.

On the beach there is a volleyball net.

If you wish, you can take the narrow footpath to the palace on a hill overlooking the beach and the make great photos with a view of the Metalia, turquoise sea and the walls of the old mine.

On the right side, through a small tunnel you can crawl to a small, wild, rocky cove, and then swim to another beautiful sandy cove which is usually used by nudists.

The narrow path up the hill leads to the small chapel of St. Nicholas, and then until Pefkari, which is only 2 kilometers away and to which there is a pedestrian and bicycle path.

All in all, even if you are not a fan of the stony beaches, Metalia is worth a go, or at least a look from the hill on which the Palataki is located.