Rouga is our favorite tavern in Thessaloniki. We found it by recommendation, and after our first visit, we realized that we would visit it whenever we could.
It is located in a small, winding street downtown. Unless you know it exists, you probably would never get to it. The street is cobbled, very interestingly decorated, protected from noise and traffic and has two, very famous taverns. There is also a very interesting flower shop, which with its unusual exterior contributes to the very pleasant impression that this oasis of peace leaves on you.

The tavernas are large and always full of locals. Our Rouga, can accommodate a lot of guests, and it is best to visit it in the evening, around 9pm when there is a small band that performs traditional music, with the obligatory buzuki. Sometimes it is necessary to call and reserve a table. It is open during the day too, so if you don’t have the opportunity to drop by in the evening then you can visit it during the day when reservations are not required.

The staff is very friendly and helpful and the food very tasty.

The dishes that bring us back to are actually appetizers and salads because they are so delicious that we don’t even get to the main course and we are already full.

If you ever stop by at Rouga, order spinach soufflés, fantastic chicken wings, bougiourdi, mushrooms (beech or mushrooms - both great), prasokeftedes (leek meatballs) and a fantastic salad called polisporos. A salad is enough for two or even four, and if you want to order it for more people, take a salad of Santorini too. Both salads are based on arugula and cherry tomatoes, but they are really delicious. If you do get to the main course, you can order the chicken in an earthenware bowl with mushrooms and cheese-based dressing (ala creme). With all this you will get hot cake. If you like, order a retsina with Coke and then you will have the full enjoyment of the Greek way.

Try it and you will not regret!

The address of the tavern is: Karipi 28, and the telephone number is: 00 30 231 024 1727

Coordinates: 40.63647401 22.94057027