In Thessaloniki region, you can buy great local products at cheaper prices than in the islands and in Halkidiki.

Arnea is known for its honey, so if you’re looking for quality honey, look for the store named Georgaka, but we believe that some shops along the coast probably sell their products as well.

In Olympiada, we recommend that you try the famous shells in the Captain Manolis restaurant.

The Balkonaki restaurant on the homonymous beach is also interesting. It’s located in the shade, in a pleasant environment, next to a nice beach, usually with no crowd.

It’s convenient to order excellent souvlaki at Babylon beach and enjoy on your deck chair or a towel.

A very popular restaurant in Stavros is the Kalamatianos, located on the beach and with a varied menu. Besides it, the locals recommend a restaurant named Kotopoula Adelfia near the street basket court, Lefteris is located across the street, and perhaps the best restaurant is Don Quixote. If you want to enjoy food and drink but also a fantastic view of Strimonico Bay, be sure to visit the restaurant and café Agnanti in Old Stavros.

The most popular restaurant in Asprovalta is Votsalakia, and in Nea Vrasna is El Greco.