Nea Vrasna is about 70km from Thessaloniki and Kavala. Asprovalta is only 500m away and you can walk to it in the evening if you want more facilities for tourists. Stavros is only 6km away so the facilities of this town are easily accessible to guests Nea Vrasna also.

Although Nea Vrasna is a little place, the length of its coastline is about 2km, and the place has a 6-7 street where most villas for rent are located. It is ideal for family and quiet vacations, as this little place does not offer nightlife.

The place has a nice, long and wide, paved walkway, very neat and clean, with paths, palm trees, flowers, beautiful gardens, restaurants and cafes along the coast. The village does not have a lot of shops, boutiques or gift shops.

The town beach in Nea Vrasna is sandy, long and quite wide. Decorated, clean, with umbrellas and sunbeds, but if you like you can bring your own towel and umbrella. The beach does not have a long shallows, perhaps only a meter from the shore, which is just enough for kids, but not for those who are used to standing and walking in the water with the water up to its waist.
In the afternoon, there are waves usually.

If you want a small, quiet place as your destination for holiday Nea Vrasna may be a good choice.

Count on that Asprovalta is only a ten minute walk and can serve you when you want a little more crowded place, shopping, a great selection of restaurants and cafes, night life or simply enjoying the bustling atmosphere of a large tourist resort.

From Nea Vrasna you can visit Stavros Monastery of Saint Lydia, and Uranopolis where you can go on a boat cruise around Mount Athos. Kavala and Thessaloniki are also easily accessible.