Ugh, how do you decide when there are so many fantastic pastry shops!
While walking in Thessaloniki, you will be delighted by the decoration of cakes and pastries in the windows of pastry shops. Every cake is a real art, and the flavors are not far from that.

As big lovers of sweets (unfortunately), we tried almost everything we saw that looked good and everything we got recommendations for from our Thessaloniki friends. We’ll list a few of our favorites.
Um, where do we start!

The best pastry shops in Thessaloniki

We mentioned the Estia Patisserie in earlier texts and we stand by the fact that it has the best cakes, i.e. the most variety of best cakes. The chocolate heart is still our favorite in this pastry shop and whenever we want to try something new, we take another cake plus a chocolate heart.
The tastes are different and we suggest that when you visit this pastry shop, look at the cakes and read what they are made of and decide on the one that consists of the ingredients you like the most. We like hazelnuts, chocolate, pistachios and we look for that in our cakes.

Freggio - in our opinion\, still the best ice cream, as we wrote about it and before.
If possible, visit the one on Aristotle Square as it is the largest and has the largest selection of everything (there are shops in several places in the city).
Of the cakes, our favorite here is the Funtelina in a cup (hazelnut, chocolate, etc.) as well as the waffle (not from a display case, but fresh). It is a special pleasure to sit on the square and enjoy the flavors of cakes and ice cream. If the weather is colder, you can go up to the floor above the pastry shop, where it is also very pleasant to sit and enjoy the sweets.

Terkenlis is a famous patisserie and has excellent cakes, but what it is most famous for is the sweet bread - tsoureki. Our favorite is tsoureki with white chocolate and chestnut puree, but it’s also great with chocolate. You can buy a smaller piece of tsoureki, which, according to us, is for two people due to its sweetness.

Estia and Terkenlis also have good baklava, and in Terkenlis we buy souffles, as well as macaroons, especially those made with hazelnuts.
The packaging of macaroons in Terkenlis is beautiful, so you can also buy it as a gift to someone dear to you.
Note*:* Before you pay for the cake, the employees at the cash register will always ask you if they need to pack the cake for you to take away or if you need utensils if you want to eat the cake at the table in the pastry shop itself. The prices of the cakes displayed in the pastry shop refer to the package, and if you plan to sit at the table, the prices are slightly higher.

A few traditional cakes that Thessaloniki is famous for


Mentioned tsoureki, sweet bread. It used to be just really sweet bread and as such you can buy it everywhere, and the best one is at a shop called Harilaos. They sell traditional, homemade tsoureki. If you want more modern versions of tsureki, with different fillings and toppings then it is best to buy in Terkenlis.


Trigona are puff pastry triangles with vanilla filling. This cake is synonymous with Thessaloniki, and you should try it in the shop called Trigona Elenidis.The origin of this cake comes from the Panorama neighborhood of Thessaloniki, but there is an identical shop in the city center, under Navarino square, and it is called Trigona Elenidis.
You can choose the size of the cake (one of three) and I recommend that you choose the smallest size to start with because it is a very sweet cake. If you like it, you can always add another one. The locals also love the ice cream from this shop, because it is homemade. The mocha flavor is especially popular. The profiterole from this shop is also excellent.


Milfei at the famous Patisserie Konstantinidis is really fantastic and has a very, very long tradition. This elegant patisserie is best known for the cake called Milfey. But here you can also try other oriental sweets, such as ekmek kataifi with ice cream or cream, trigona and the like. We recommend that you stop at the milfei and leave room for other sweets in Thessaloniki, because there are really quite a few that you should definitely try.
By the way, the crust in the milfei is extremely crispy. It leaves a special impression that you can watch how the confectioner prepares the cake in front of you, puts the cream, sprinkles it with almonds. Very authentic.


Choureal patisserie, which is known mostly for its profiteroles, which knocked us off our feet! The profiteroles taste amazing and we recommend that this little patisserie be on your list. In fact, here you first choose the base (ice cream or vanilla pastry cream). We always choose ice cream and they usually put vanilla, then you choose what kind of chocolate creams you want them to add. We suggest you choose two flavors, but you can choose and more if you want.
We usually choose milk chocolate or white and dark chocolate, and there are other options (dark chocolate, dark chocolate, strawberry chocolate, etc.) and at the end, if you want, you add roasted hazelnuts, pistachios, Oreo biscuit crumbs, and the like. Then the bowl is measured and depending on the size of the bowl you chose at the start you pay.
I think the smallest bowl is around €3.
There are other, very tempting cakes to try in this shop, but honestly, we couldn’t give up the profiteroles when we were already there and try something else.


If you want to sit in a nice place by the sea and enjoy the view of the city and the White Tower from the opposite side, we recommend you to stop by the Kitchen bar in the old port. Here you can try delicious portokalopita.

What else you should try when you are in Thessaloniki?

It is the souffle with ice cream, the chocolate pie (chocolate cake - sokolatopita) which is everywhere and of course the various types of baklava and similar cakes which, in our opinion, are perhaps the best at Estia Patisserie, Konstantinidis and Ble. More about Patisserie Ble you can read in our text HERE.


Bugaca (Greek sweet burek) with vanilla cream, but also with various other toppings and modern fillings is still a favorite Greek breakfast. We recommend you try it at the famous Giannis bakery. You can read more about bugaca in our text HERE.


You can buy the best crepes in town on Navarino Square at the Little Prince creperie. These are crispy pancakes with very unusual fillings and combinations.


You can try the tastiest donuts with really fantastic fillings that you can choose from at Jerry’s Τhe Sweet Foodtruck. It is a franchise and they exist in other places in Greece, and in Thessaloniki, of course, they have a store in the city center, as well as in the One Salonica shopping center, so you can try them on your way back to Serbia if you stop by this mall.

And what else can I say except that there are many, many other cakes that you should try while in Thessaloniki and we are sure that they will catch your eye as you walk around the city.

You can complement your walk in Thessaloniki with the best gyros and other fast food, and if you want to visit one of the restaurants, you can read HERE the five best that we recommend.

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