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  • Sea View
  • On the beach
  • Internet access
  • Pets welcome
  • Kitchen
  • Air conditioner
  • Outdoor barbecue
  • Sandy Beach
  • In the town center
  • TV

Our description

Balias Studios is located on the beach, on the promenade in Nea Peramos.

The villa has a total of nine studios, four of which have a fantastic, direct view of the sea. On the first floor there are two two-bed studios that have king beds and sea views, a three-bed studio with a king bed and a single bed, as well as the view of the sea, and one four-bed studio which has one king and two single beds. All have shower booths, kitchens with burners, refrigerators. On the same floor, there`s a three-bed apartment that has no balcony (apartment number 5) but exits on a shared veranda. This apartment is somewhat better, and consists of two rooms, one of which has a king bed and the other in which there is a kitchen with oven and another single bed.

There`s a four-bed studios on the second floor that has one king bed and two single beds. This studios has a large terrace, but exits on a large veranda on the roof of the house, that has a fantastic view of the sea and deck chairs. The Kitchen in this studio has a stove with oven and a big fridge with freezing chamber.

There's one two-bed studio on the ground floor with small bathroom and two joined single beds. There's also one four-bed studio on the ground floor.

Compared to studios on the ground floor, which have a slight older furniture, studios on the 1st and 2nd floor have new and high quality furniture and are excellently decorated.

All accommodation units in the villa have air conditioner and TV, kitchen, wireless internet signal, mosquito nets and baby cot that can be obtained by requesting it. Hair dryer can also be obtained.

Cleaning, sheet and towel change is being carried out in 3 days.

The villa has no private parking, but there`s a lot of space near the villa for safe parking.

The villa is situated in the center of the city. On the ground floor the owner has a small grocer, and across (between the villa and the beach) is a cafeteria. Villa`s guests receive complimentary sun loungers on the beach (?).

There`s a barbecue in the yard of the villa that is available to the guests.

If you want to be accommodated near the beach, in the center of the town, on the promenade, Balias Studios can be an excellent choice.

Owner's description

Balias Studios are fully equipped rooms to let. They are situated an seaside road of Nea Peramos, right opposite the sea with a magnificent view of the ocean. The rooms have small kitchen with fridge, tv, air conditioning, w.c and free internet access. They are available all year.

Location: Nea Peramos is situated south-west of Kavala. Here you can find amazing sandy beaches with crystal clear wares, awarded with the Blue flag. Relax and enjoy yourself at Ballias studios.

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    Ergün Dogan05.01.2017 15:59:14

    Hello,I want to know whether is possible to rent the 4-bedroom with balcony on the seasight at this time 18.07.-25.07.17. We are 2 adults and 2 girls(12 and 9) in our family. Please answer as soon as possible.


    Ivana09.12.2016 21:16:38

    Postovani, interesuje me smestaj u vili Balias,za cetvoro odraslih. boravak bi bio u prvoj polovini avgusta od recimo 4.8. zainteresovani smo za ovaj studio/apartman na drugom spratu. Da li imate slobobodnog mesta u tom periodu? S obzirom da je ispod kafic, da li je uvece velika buka?Da li koriscenje te velike terase imaju i ostali gosti vile?


    Jovica09.08.2016 16:21:09

    Svidza mi se smestaj koliko ce me kostati za 7 dana sopsveni prevoz 21.8 polazim


    Marjan Petrovski25.07.2016 22:05:37

    Postovana, dali mozete da pronadjete apartman ili studio za dvoje ,u periodu od 05.08-13.08.2016 u Nea Peramos, unapred hvala, Marjan


    asen dimitrov14.09.2015 09:15:04

    Hello, We are family - 2 adults one child and want to rent 3 bed studio with kitchen (fully equiped) and Internet connection for 3 nights from 18 to 21 of September. Could you make me offer in Nea Peramos?

    • Nataša ( 13:23:01

      There is no available studio unfortunately. Maybe to check something else for you? Regards


    branimir petrovic05.08.2015 13:43:15

    U periodu od 10.08.-30.08.2015 trebamo da dođemo na odmor u trajanju od deset dana. Radi se o porodici sa dva deteta(11 i 12 godina). Da li nam možete ponuditi neki pristojan smestaj uovam periodu.


    Zorica01220.07.2015 11:08:09

    Postovana, Da li mozete da mi proverite raspolozivost cetvorokrevetnog studija za 18..19..avgust za deset nocenja...ili da nam preporucite nesto drugo u tim terminima,a da je blizu Kavale... Prethodne 2 god.smo preko Vas letovali na Tasosu i bili smo prezadovoljni... Veliki pozdrav!!!

    • Nevena20.07.2015 13:13:48

      Postovani,odgovor smo Vam poslali na mail. Pozdrav


    gordana6729.06.2015 19:34:48

    Postovana, potreban je 1 cetvorokrevetni i 1 dvokrevetni app ili studio, 10 dana, od 8.07,9.07, 10.07 ili 11.07. Unapred hvala

    • Dusan29.06.2015 20:28:49

      Postovani, jedini termin kada su slobodni 2bed i 4bed studio na deset noci je 12/7 -22/7. Ukoliko odgovara, mozete popuniti upit za rezervaciju. Za 2bed studio vlasnik je odobrio popust od 5e po danu, koji cemo naknadno obracunati po popunjavanju upita. Pozdrav


    carmela28.06.2015 12:02:08

    Hello, im travelling alone with 3 children and want to ask IF you have something avalible for us tomorrow 29 june and 3-7 nights.and price. Also how far The internationel airport in kavala is. We arrive at 10 in The morning. Thank you and Regards Carmela Andersson

    • Nataša ( 12:13:23

      Carmela, there is nothing available in Balias from tomorrow unfortunately. Maybe to check this: To Portego, Nea Peramos: Regards


    Minja09.06.2015 12:33:22

    Postovana, Da li mozete da mi proverite raspolozivost trokrevetnog studia/dve odrasle osobe i dete 13god. sa pogledom na more u periodu od 17.08.2015- noci/,i naravno cenu! Unapred hvala, Dunja

    • Nataša ( 12:46:15

      Postovani, u Baliasu ima mesta ili do 22/8 ili od 29/8. Javite nam da li su datumi fiksni ili mozda nesto od ponudjenog odgovara? Ako su datumi fiksni, javite nam da proverimo jos nesto za vas ako vam se dopalo iz ponude. Ako zelite mozemo i mi nesto preporuciti? Inace, cene mozete pogledati na nasem sajtu. POZDRAV